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Nov 10, 2009
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Pros:Simple, easy, fun, not costly, only takes minutes

Cons:may make mess.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this product because it is a delicous treat that anyone can use.

This DeLonghi juicer is the one that i used in my home as a kid and would always enjoy helping my mom make some juice, for my family, for breakfast. it was so easy for me as a kid that anyone would be able to use it.

what you do to use this is first, you plug it in, second, take some fruit of your choice and cut it in half. Then third you press the fruit against the top pointy looking thing.  The top spins and presses all the juices out.  

This juicer is very well put together so its not going to spin out of control and fall apart on you.  Its made so that it will stay working for later years when you just want to lay back and drink some juice in the summertime.

This little machine has the option to have pulp or no pulp.  so if your like me you can leave the little switch over so the yummy pulp will fall through with your juice. Or you can make it so none of the pulp goes through.

Have you ever had an orange or a fruit that was freshly squeezed for you to drink? It has the most delicous taste to it believe me!  It doesn't taste like original, sweetened, fake juices. It's the real deal!
Although you could add your own sugar if its not sweet enough for you.  It also only takes a few minutes to do depending on how much you're making.  It is very fast!

After you have sucessfully made your awesome freshly made drink, you drink it until its all gone.  Trust me you won't be able to stop.  I advise making orange juice with it becaus its simply delicous!  Then you clean it up so its all ready to go for next time!

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