This Spot Lifter good when you have little messes to pick up.

Nov 10, 2009
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Pros:Plenty of power, and easily removable brushes.

Cons:NOISEY.  Hand pump sprayer.

The Bottom Line: If you have a mess maker in your house then get this because it is great.  Stop at sporting goods and pick up some ear plugs on the way out.

Has anyone held a decibel meter near this thing?  How did it get out of Quality Assurance putting out as much noise as mine does.  Trying to use it in a small hallway verges on painful.  The high pitched noise comes from the motor area. 

With that off my chest I have to say that this is my third spot lifter.  The first two were cordless and we used them until the tanks broke.  We have a dog and children and so we had many chances to use it. 

The power cord makes it a little clumsey to use and store but it doesn't run out of juice in the middle of a big job.
When it was using batteries it had an electric sprayer pump.  Why did they go to a hand pump for the sprayer when they have 15 amps of AC power to use. 

Having to remove the solution tank when removing the dirty water tank is inconvenient. 

By the way did I say it was very loud?

The only real down side to this machine is the noise.  I have not heard any hand held device that made that much noise.  It's almost as though it's purpose is to assault you with it's noise.

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