Kikkoman Chinese Style Egg Flower Soup Mix: It's The "Meh" of Chinese Packet Soup Mixes

Nov 16, 2009
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Pros:Above average taste, cheaper than take away, can make it any time.

Cons:Requires the use of an egg, does not refrigerate all that well.

The Bottom Line: It's not as great as an authentic mix but its not all that bad!

I have an addiction for Chinese food; I could eat it every day but there are only so many places in my area that make the dishes that I love. If I want really good Chinese food it requires at least a twenty minute drive. That means I get creative at home and try to recreate some of the dishes that I've had at restaurants. While wonton soup is my all time favorite type of soup, nothing is better on a cold winter afternoon than some steaming hot egg flower soup. There are only two places in my area that make this and only one is the least bit tasty. I wasn't expecting much from the Kikkoman version; packet soups can be pretty foul but something like this could be a train wreck waiting to happen. Thankfully I didn't give up on it after the first try and now I can enjoy a nice big bowl of it whenever I want. On a side note, this does not refrigerate all that well so when you make it you need to plan on eating a lot of it at once or serving it with a meal.

Unlike most of the Kikkoman soups, this requires more than just water. The 1.8 ounce package requires one egg to be added to the soup. This isn't tough to do but it can be tricky to get it to mix and not clump. The key is to add it about three minutes before the soup is done so that the egg is cooked but not rubbery. This took me a couple of tries to get right so if your first few attempts don't work as planned, don't give up on it. From the packet this isn't half bad but it isn't the same as what you would get if you went to a Chinese restaurant. I like my egg drop and egg flower soup thick and the Kikkoman version isn't all that bad. I do add a little less water than recommended but not everyone likes it that thick.

This contains corn protein and yeast extract so if you have certain food allergies you may want to skip this. The complete list of ingredients can be found at the Kikkoman website however you should read the package carefully in case they have updated the ingredient list on the package and not at the website. There are several different types of Egg Flower Soup to choose from so if you want something spicier than this you can get the Hot Egg Flower Soup. I have tried the shrimp version and can honestly say that there wasn't any taste difference. On a scale from one to ten, I'd have to give Kikkoman's Egg Flower Soup Mix a seven. It's not perfect but considering it comes from a packet, its not half bad. What is the difference between the regular Kikkoman Chinese Style Egg Flower Soup Mix and the Kikkoman Chinese Style Egg Flower Corn Soup Mix? The one with the corn has a small handful of dehydrated corn kernels in it and some corn flour. Honestly, there is no huge taste difference between the shrimp, corn or regular egg flower so you could get any of them and end up with a nice bowl of soup from it.

You can use this soup mix as a base; if you want to add shrimp, shredded chicken or tofu to it you can 'beef' it up a little. I've used pan fried tofu as well as uncooked tofu in it and it turned out great. If you can let it sit for about ten minutes before serving it so the tofu grabs some of the flavor you will be richly rewarded. If you want to let this cool a little before you serve it, put it in the individual bowls while it is hot so it is easier to pour. If it cools a little the strands of egg make it a little messy to work with.

According to Kikkoman the 1.8 ounce package makes three servings if you follow the directions and use two and a half cups of water with one egg. I've never been able to get three servings out of a package because I am a pig. There, I said it. Even if you get two hearty servings from it, it is still cheaper than ordering out. As I said, it isn’t as great as what you would get if you ordered take away but it is a fraction of the price and you can make it any time you want. You can get the packets in most grocery stores that sell comparable Kikkoman products however if you have a Chinese market in your area, that is a much better place to start looking. I get these in a three pack at my local restaurant supply store for three dollars. That's cheaper than what they are sold for in the grocery store but you will want to try one pack to see if you like it or not.

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