Great camera, Very good price..

Nov 17, 2009
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Pros:easy to handle, takes clear pics, priced just right,


The Bottom Line: I would recommend this camera for anyone looking to have a good solid camera that will last a long time without problems..

I own this camera and love it.. For the price it takes very good pictures. its easy to work with so far there is nothing that I dislike about the Olympus u-9000 digital camera.. Great for Christmas or Birthday gift. My son plays Ice hockey and I take it to all of his games. The one thing that I really like is even when he is skating the pictures do not blurr as with some cameras. Its also very light weight and can be put almost anywhere as opposed to the big bulky cameras. One thing that is great is how easy it is to upload all your images to your computer. The directions on camera use are very easy to follow as well. This is my most favorite camera I have ever owned. My husband always had to take the pictures with our old camera cause it was to hard to figure out and would never take a nice picture I hated that thing. But now with this camera I wont let my hubby touch it at all.. Oh and one last thing about the Olympus u-9000 digital camera. It is very sturdy I actually dropped it when I was in the Ice rink. Someone had bumped into me on accident and it fell from my hands I thought for sure that was the end of this camera but when I picked it up and looked it over I did not see any damage to it.. I used it that day and every day since then and there has never been anything wrong with it.. I would say in my opinion this is a well built camera and is made to last a long time...

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