SkullCandy Smokin Buds: What a Name Better Yet, "What a Sound!!"

Nov 24, 2009
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Pros:Eliminates most outside noise
good clean/clear sound

Cons:too large to wear in bed...see review

The Bottom Line: These buds stay in my ears without falling out giving more freedom of movement. Well designed shape for easier handling in and out.  Excellent sound to this guys ears.

I gotta strike it rich with a good name one day. Would you believe that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob Square Pants and now SkullCandy Smokin Buds would be marketable names? I wouldn't and I suppose that's why I'm reviewing these ear buds rather than owning the company that's pumpin' 'em out faster than big wabbits produce lil' wabits.

Pops  Looking For the perfect Earbuds

I have been going through ear buds in this last year. My last ones were the jelleez that weren't so bad at first but after a while they kept slipping out of my ear at an even higher rate than when I first got them.  I also had top-dollar Bose ear buds and they didn't work out either.

After Looking around I did run into this weird named earbud, SkullCandy Smokin' Buds. After seeing the design and hearing the promise of the manufacturer I thought these earbuds might suit me well.

These have a rubber end that compresses and fits tightly in the ear-canal holding position VERY well and also keeps out a good percentage of outside noises.

I like the sliding yolk that opens up or tightens the two separate earbud lines. The full length of the cord is just under 4'. I also happen to LOVE the in-line volume control. I do wish it wasn't as close to the head area as it is now. A few inches lower wold be better.

These are black as are the rubber adapters that come in three sizes. They all come in a case that I lost on a train.

A particular feature I like is the shape of the earbuds just outside the ear canal area. This is an almost flat shaped area that is easy to grip when putting in or taking out the earbuds from the ears. It's almost like a turn-key shape that is easy to grip. One problem though is that I cannot use these in bed like I do the Jelleez. I watch movies on my iPod resting the side of my head on my pillow.

Great Sound

I suppose the most important feature for ear buds would be good sound. For my ears that are failing, they are perfect. After getting used to the kind of ear buds that kept falling out, these are a wonder. Because they stay in all the time I am more free in movement and wear these in places where I wouldn't even think of trying with my old falling out Jelleez.

The SkullCandy Smokin' Buds seem to be better for my ears because of the elimination of the outside noises. I also noticed that I keep the volume down and that's better for my ears that are already scarred by jack hammer work and much too many nights of loud music at parties I worked most every weekend.

The sound I now hear is full and richer. I also hear a great range of sound including some bass that was always hard to hear and highs that I didn't even know were there.

One thing I haven't done yet is wear them in a plane. I wonder if there is any kind of problem because of air pressure probs. The rubber of these buds seal so tightly in my ear that I don't believe it would be good to wear them in such a situation. That is just my opinion and I have no fact to back that up. Just wondering.

pops Last Thoughts

The noise eliminating sleeve  on the SkullCandy Smokin' Buds keep most outside sounds away from my ear drum. That makes for a very clean clear sound like when I wear full sized head phones that do the same.

These buds stay in my ears without falling out giving me more freedom of movement. I also like the shape of the buds for easier handling in and out. Most of all, and remember this opinion is subjective, the sound is excellent to this guys ears.

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