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Nov 24, 2009 (Updated Dec 1, 2009)
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Energy Star

Cons:Doesn't clean dishes
Doesn't release detergent
have to re-run many times
piece of junk

The Bottom Line: Get a different brand, this one doesn't wash dishes

We've been using this Frigidaire dishwasher for 18 months. It was already installed in the home we're living in and it matches the stove and fridge.  If we were going to be here longer than another month, I'd replace it. It's about 2 years old, it was nearly brand new when we moved in.

The dishwasher is pretty quiet, but that's about it's only good feature. It doesn't wash dishes. My biggest complaint with it is that the detergent holder often does not open to release the detergent, leaving dishes rinsed over and over again, but not actually washed and clean. At least 3 times weekly I open the dishwasher find the detergent container closed with the full amount of detergent in it and have to re-run it.  Many times if it doesn't open the first time it's run, it also doesn't run the 2nd or 3rd time. I've experimented with all types of detergents from the little packets you put in to liquid to powder, it really don't change the frequency of this problem.

When the detergent container does open, the dishes aren't often clean looking. Residue often seems to coat the dishes- a white spotty residue. I don't know if it's detergent that doesn't rinse or what. We do use the Jet-dry type additive in the appropriate dispenser.

Lastly- if there is bits of food on your dishes, particularly your silver ware, if will be there and baked on after you've run the dishwasher. This is one of those diswashers where you need to pre-rinse your dishes before putting them in for them to look clean coming out of it and in my opinion, if I have to rinse them before putting them in, I might as well hand wash them. It's not a problem limited to silverware, and not limited to foods likely to bake on like day-old cereal bowls. It can fail to get a random noodle off a plate or bowl and just bake in onto it.

All energy savings from it being an energy star rated machine are lost in the number of times you'll need to re-run this machine to get it to accomplish it's task, not to mention the amount of water wasted.

And lastly, when using the heated dry cycle it makes a particularly horrible odor- similar to burning plastic, only without any plastics at the heating element to burn. I haven't figured the exact source of it so I've resolved to only use the air dry cycle.

If you still have to have this dishwasher, despite my experiences with it, it has several wash cycles- pots and pans, normal, china and then the option to wash just the top or bottom rack or both. There is a delay feature, a air dry, sanitize and high temp wash.

The top rack is not height adjustable, the silverware baskets have slots in the top which can be flipped up or used. The silverware basket extends nearly the entire length of the dishwasher. The holes are fairly large and smaller items such chopsticks and some thinner sippy cup or thermos straws can fall through.

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