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by tdoll54
I just had the Novasure procedure done this morning at 9am. I had mild cramps and a little spotting. My cramps stopped around 1pm but they were not as bad as my regular camps. I took some motrin and hydrocodon right after the procedure. I am feeling real good now for getting this done. I will keep you posted in the months to come to let you know if the bleeding stopped completely. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Feb 21, 2014
10:55 pm PST

Re: Novasure positive results
by smdaley
Hello! I am wondering how your Novasure procedure went for you. I, too, have Von Willibrand's disease and had the procedure done this morning, in the hospital, as an outpatient. While I had moderate+ cramping for about 4-5 hours post surgery, pain is almost non-existent now. Don't even need a second dose of any pain killer. Who knows how it will effect my very heavy periods I had pre-surgery, but anything must be better than those Von Willibrand's periods, right?! Hope you are doing well!
Jan 10, 2014
4:57 pm PST

Best thing I've ever done
by kmclallen
updating... I had this done a little over a year ago (see my previous comments) since the procedure, I've had little discharge, first couple of months I had just enough to use a pantyliner, I was getting kind of bummed I thought there was a chance of it not taking and bleeding getting worse, just when I thought that my discharge went away.. I don't even own a box of pantyliners!! There is so much room in my bathroom cabinet -- so happy. I had a few cramps the first couple of months, those are gone as well. Every once in a while I get a couple drops but only when I pee, I call it my fake period... lol very happy recommend this to everyone who is done have little ones... good luck to everyone -- be healthy!!
Jan 8, 2014
10:15 am PST

Novasure positive results?
by tcowburn
I am so grateful that I stumbled upon this post and have been able to read some positive reviews on the Novasure procedure. I am 34 years old and have a bleeding disorder called von willebrand's Disease, as a result of have suffered from heavy periods since they started. They have increased recently to every two weeks and are lasting 7-9 days at a time. Further, they bring along with them a lot of cramping, anemia, exhaustion, moodiness, migraine and all around pain. I am truly tired of a period interfering with my life and taking such a physical and emotional toll on my body. I am scheduled to have the procedure done next Tuesday; however, I am fearful of some of the things that I have read...weight gain, extreme back pain, lack of sex drive, complications with other organs. Any reassurance or positive words would be greatly appreciated. I am ready to have my life back and enjoy my children instead of suffering through the pain I endure.
Dec 2, 2013
9:48 am PST

having novasure next month
by mdpflg2012
I had ultrasound, nothing abnormal like fibroids. just periods that last for eternity. It's taking over my life. I'm 45 and on BCP my whole life to mostly control hormones as I never ovulated right anyway. I'm done having kids. I find myself having to stay home instead of attending normal events, including work because of the bleeding. So sick of super tampons and pads and flooding and my sex life is suffering. I just had the biopsy first to exclude cancer. Test was benign. I grilled my dr. about the risks. She says she had performed over 600 of these and only 4 had a perforated uterus due to the D&C. The novasure has a safety feature that prohibits the device from working in this event. Anyway all 4 of these women returned later to complete the novasure. I'm so excited. Dr feels I will be an excellent candidate.
Nov 9, 2013
7:20 pm PST

Re: Re: novasure
by sammie2bored
Hi. I had the novasure procedure done 3 & 1/2 years ago, and it was the best thing for me! My periods had gotten horrible!! Extremely heavy (super/plus absorbancy tampons plus pads, changing both at least once an hour), plus unbelievable cramping. Just before my procedure, I was starting into my 3rd month of bleeding with only 9 days during that time that I didn't bleed. I have not bled since I had the novasure!! I'm turning 40 next month, and, so far, no signs of early menopause either.
Aug 14, 2013
12:23 am PDT

Re: novasure
by toy2013
Hi did you ever have the novasure done? I'm 41, had a tubal ligation done almost 14 years ago. Periods are heavy with clots. Last about 6 days. But are like clock work. Was just curious if you had the procedure done. I've read some negative reviews about it. Thanks gayle
Mar 15, 2013
8:02 pm PDT

Novasure went great
by kmclallen
Its Monday (back at work) had procedure done on Friday am. Had normal prep for surgery, i.v. etc., Doc said Motrin would be all that was needed, if I needed stronger meds to call him, that was before predcure. I was totally put out, don't remember a thing, woke up with a little cramping, not sure I would even call it cramping maybe a little discomfort. I had 800 ml of Motrin in recovery room went home was worried about the pain increasing, instead it went a away during the day, just to be safe I took 400 ml of motrin in the afternoon and 400 before I went to bed, last meds I took for any discomfort. Watched T.V. Friday and Saturday, Sunday had a normal day, still no pain. Discharge is next to nothing, a couple of drops of very light blood, pantyliner is all that is needed, maybe a little bloating, nothing really to measure. I will resume normal work out routine tonight, make sure to take it slow but not anticipating anything to happen. Just looking forward to success. I will update.
Oct 15, 2012
8:02 am PDT

felling better about procedure
by kmclallen
Iam going to be 50 in a couple of months. Wishing my periods would go away, they are heavy and apparently I have been anemic while menstrating for God knows how long. I am having the procedure done in 2 weeks, while doing research on line at first I could only find horror stories but this web-site has made me feel better, I know there still is a risk, I think it will be worth it to try. I talked to my doc and his nurses, I asked them so many questions, I think they got annoyed with me :) - they told me I was an excellent candidate for the procedure and I should just check my calender and go for it - and go for it I will. Of course will update. I am looking forward to not feeling like I'm passing a jello mold every month... I hope success for everyone -- stay healthy!
Sep 25, 2012
1:02 pm PDT

Re: Bloating
by buddybear22
It did seem to last a few days longer than I had expected. The first two days I felt pregnant. Seriously not just bloated but 6 months pregnant. It goes away and you are left with (or at least I was) a period free, and all that comes with it (or should I say doesn't come with it , bloating, cramps, runs to the store, changing your undie 3,4 times in a day, extra laundry, being cranky to your family....)life. A real life.
Sep 19, 2012
10:51 am PDT

This proceedure went beautifully for me
by buddybear22
Our bodies are all different. We have treated them differently with exercise (or lack thereof in my case) with various cuisines and libations. My experience was a strongly positive one. It has been 3 months since the surgery (I had a D&C at the same time as the ablation)and it all went well. Other than being poked FOUR TIMES before they finally asked for the Anesthesiologist to do it (got a vain on the first go, I suggest after the first attempt at your IV if they don't get it just go straight for the real professional)I have been period free for three months now. Minimal, really very minimal pain or cramping after the surgery and on two occasions I wiped a small amount of blood after urinating and had no more. I love no longer dealing with periods (yea duh right). I am thrilled I was able to avoid a hysterectomy all together. I hope this procedure is offered as an option in all the appropriate cases. I have a friend that was told she needed a hysterectomy for the same reasons I had the ablation and this was brought up by me not her doctor. Unfortunate.
Sep 19, 2012
10:46 am PDT

by charbabi
How long does the bloating last? Is the weight gain primarily from the bloating ? I am scheduled for this procedure in a week and having second thoughts
Aug 24, 2012
9:18 pm PDT

by charbabi
How long does the bloating last? Is the weight gain primarily from the bloating ? I am scheduled for this procedure in a week and having second thoughts
Aug 24, 2012
9:19 am PDT

Re: What to do
by emideck
My Novasure procedure was 2 months ago and I have had a wonderful experience! No complications and actually had weight loss!! And no bleeding at all! Just wanted you to know that some of us have had very positive experience!!
Aug 21, 2012
5:47 pm PDT

Re: weight gain experience
by lannvorra
At our ages weight seems so much harder to lose than when younger? I constantly struggle with the scale but am more concerned with the long term pain that so many people complain about.
Aug 21, 2012
9:22 am PDT

What to do???
by lannvorra
I have been thinking about this procedure for a year and after every annoying heavy period tell mayself to just make the appointment! Well I am scheduled for next week and now I am stressing out about it since I Googled novasure and reading so much bad stuff!!
Aug 21, 2012
9:20 am PDT

weight gain experience?? a lot? some? none??
by jessicaedw
I am scheduled for this procedure next month. I agree with some previous posters that people with strong opinions one way or another are usually the ones who post, so I try to take them with a grain of salt...
I am a little concerned about the people complaining about weight gain post-procedure. I am 42, have 2 kids and in better health and in better shape than I have been in years - and I have been working pretty hard at it. I don't think this would prevent me from having the procedure, but I sure would like to avoid it! Any feedback??
Aug 17, 2012
1:47 pm PDT

Re: So far so good with Novasure
by emideck
Update on my original post. I am now 4 weeks out and have not had any discharge at all! no odor, no pain. Only thing I am having any difficulty with is a little bit of back pain. I am having my post op procedure today so fingers crossed! :-)
Jul 23, 2012
12:31 pm PDT

Re: novasure
by rosaharter
I had this procedure done several years ago because one time I had a 3 week long period and after an ultrasound they found a fibroid and cysts on my ovaries. I was also told this procedure would shrink the fibroid(they weren't concerned about the cysts and thought the long period was from the fibroid). It didn't, I still have the fibroid. I didn't have a period for many years and thought everything was ok until I started getting a horrible pain in my lower right pelvic area. I had several tests done(including the bladder)and even an endoscopy and everything "looked good" except for a cyst. The dr put me on birth control to try to erupt the cyst and said there was no way I would have a period because of the procedure....then I started a 2 week long period, was off for a week and started another 2 week period, but the odd thing was, the pain I had for months disappeared. In it's place though was a constant clear discharge which means I'm back to pads again. The leakage isn't urine, as that was tested too. Now I have pain several times a month in that lower right pelvic area and when I do I will start spotting and will get a horrible odor. Of course we lost our health insurance when the Hubby's co. was bought out and the new owners took away our benefits. Short term, this procedure was great for stopping my period, but never killed off the fibroid. I don't believe the long-term effects are quite known, but I have not been pleased at all.
Jul 22, 2012
6:30 am PDT

Very Happy
by rlspicer
Just an update for everyone. I had my surgery january 25, 2012. I still could not be happier with the results. I still say it was the best money I spent with all my co-pays. I have no bleeding at all. My pre-menstrual is a breeze now. I know i am suppose to be on my period I just do not bleed. I am no longer anemic and I do not have to worry about or schedule around my periods. It has helped in so many other ways as well that I cannot name them all! This was the best procedure and I am so glad I did it. I wish I would have done it sooner!
Jul 16, 2012
9:23 am PDT

Re: Re: Glad I did it!
by sjimajestic
some ppl are lucky and it stops completely but i still have a very very light period, it lasts about 3-4 days and one liner a day covers it! i am still over all thrilled with my choice! feel free to ask more questions! :)
Jul 13, 2012
8:55 am PDT

So far so good with Novasure
by emideck
I am a 37 year old healthy mother of 2. I started having major problems with heavy bleeding, clotting, pain during intercourse, etc. about 1 1/2 yrs ago. After finally seeing a dr. And having repeat ultrasounds... Determined a large cyst on my right ovary. I was first prescribed loestrin 24 to see if cyst would become smaller but during a 30 day period it tripled in size. To sum it up, dr. Recommended novasure ablation, d&c, laparoscopy and removal of right ovary and tube. Surgery was 4 days ago and I can honestly say even after having ALL of that done I have very minimal pain! Small amount of discharge only when wiping and no cramping or back pain. I am also only taking ibuprofen now since the pain has proven to be so minimal. I am anxious to see how everything ends up! Dr. said it was a success!!
Jul 1, 2012
8:56 pm PDT

Re: Glad I did it!
by linijsan
Hi Julius,
Do you still get your monthly periods after the Novasure.After the the procedure, when was your next period? How many days did u have bleeding after your procedure/
Jun 15, 2012
12:53 pm PDT

Glad I did it!
by juliesvoyage
I am in my thirties, and for years I have suffered from heavy periods that lasted for up to seven days and were never regular. Due to blood clotting conditions, I could not be put on birth control. After reading the forums, I almost backed out of the Novasure procedure. After all, I had it done the beginning of November, AFTER I had been fitted for my wedding dress, and I feared that I would not fit into it for my end of December nuptials. However, this was one of the best surgeries that I have ever had!

The procedure was quick and easy. I had it done in the hospital and did spend the night. Recovery was longer than expected, but I also had a hymenectomy at the same time, which could explain why it took so long. However, now, I no longer have to worry about embarrassing moments since I do not know when my friend will make her monthly visit. I write this review, literally, while on vacation, and I do not have to plan vacations around guessing when it will happen. Last year, it was horrifying taking a group tour and having to stop the bus and run to a drugstore in a foreign country since it came five days earlier than expected. I did not gain weight, but I still notice PMS around the time that it would happen each month.

My theory is that lots of times, on these boards, only the bad stories are posted. So, I wanted to write something good and give a success story. I can only hope that the Novasure continues to work, because I do not want to go back to that time of the month and the fun that comes with it.
May 25, 2012
11:34 pm PDT

by uknowmenow
Im so glad i stumbled on this. i was scheduled to have the procedure done last week & cancelled. I read nothing but horror stories and ill admit, it was mainly about not feeling/caring about sex anymore and nonstop bleeding.

im 42, have 2 kids & had a tubal 9 years ago. My pain and heavy bleeding began after my last child. Seems my condition is from fibroids (pills didnt help). This was one of the options given to me to help the fibroids shrink.
I may reconsider having it done now...
Thanks so much all for the posts!
May 22, 2012
3:13 pm PDT

Re: my procedure
by sjimajestic
congrats on your procedure! i am very happy with my results, i had a period every two weeks lasting at least seven days before i had this done. have had my second one since novasure and it was only five days this time and lighter then my last!! everyone is different tho, i have had no problems!! sex is fine i still weigh what i did before.. nothing has changed but my period :) i hope you have the same results as i do! if you have any questions call your doc, they are your best resource! keep us posted! good luck!
May 9, 2012
11:37 am PDT

my procedure
by sassykat038
I have always had heavy periods and bad cramping but due to the fact i was severe anemic and had 4 transfusions over the past 5 years my doctor put me on birth control called jolessa so that i would only get my period once every 3 months. This seemed to only make matters worse. I bled for 33 days as soon as i started taking it and had blood clots the size of baseballs. Finally it stopped and i had a normal 7 day period when i took my last pill, then about a week later it came bk went on as befoee for a month.. i finished those pills and then was changed to another brith control by this time im bleeding for 45 days and dizzy and have no energy... I went to see my gyno and begged for a d and c, that is when i found out about novasure. After lots of tears and realizing my period wasnt going to stop i had the procedure done yesterday. I have had absolutely no pain, no discharge and no bleeding. I was still on my period when they did it.. they did find that i many fibroids which was probably the reason i was bleeding so bad to begin with.. my only concern now is that i havent had a tubal and im scared the estrogen in birth control will cause me to have my periods again does anyone know if that can happen? Also i was wondering about vaginal dryness.. can that be an issue after the procedure? So far im completely happy that i did this i feel like im getting my life back!
May 8, 2012
10:40 pm PDT

me again :)
by sjimajestic
i have had my first period, it lasted the full 7 days but it was sooo light i only had to use one liner each day!! WOO WHOO! still happy!
Apr 19, 2012
11:11 am PDT

me again! :)
by sjimajestic
still no discharge of any kind!! :) i am loving this!
i am sorry for your misfortune! i too read a lot of terror stories and i almost didn't get this done, because i have other med. problems and stories like yours. i strongly think you should find another doctor! like a said after you know your facts, KNOW YOUR DOCTOR! they are good at misleading people into anything if they throw pretty words at you. i pray that you get what you need to fix this. remember you pay them, get your moneys worth. and if you can i would look up law suits and get yours! keep us posted on your status. good luck in your recovery! get a second and third opinion,find doctors who are against this procedure or that understand that everyone needs great health care and 'accidents' do happen in the medical field and are willing to work with you. find a great lawyer and get what you need to fix this!
Mar 31, 2012
11:06 am PDT

Didn't work for me :(
by tbriellek
I had a D&C and Novasure procedure done in the hospital a little over a month ago. Although Novasure claims it can be safely done in a doc office, my doctor assured me it was in my best interest to have it done in the hospital. I am glad because I read horror stories about the pain suffered having it done in a doc office. Anyway, I had some type of discharge for a month after the surgery. Then I got a period, which I was seriously hoping to never see again. I am 34, so I knew this was wishful thinking. What I was not expecting is to be bleeding just as bad as I ever have. The back pain that came with it was bad too. I never take drugs, and I even had to pop some motrin. I am now wishful in that hopefully this will just happen once, but I doubt that after reading so much about other women's experiences. I recently read about a condition called maybe I have that. I have read that if you have that, the ablation will not work. Now that I am in the "unknown", I am really wishing I just sucked it up and went on dealing with the original bleeding. At least then I knew what to expect. Now I don't. Oh, and the total amount that they billed my insurance was $13,244.30. Just a fun fact. Luckily I only owe $394 of that, but I would really like to ask for a refund since the procedure may have not only been a waste of money, but a bad decision on my part.
Mar 28, 2012
11:15 am PDT
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