Hoover Platinum Max Extract

Dec 2, 2009
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Pros:exceptional cleaning; several cleaning features; various attachments; good suction; 6 yr warranty

Cons:water leakage in transport; flimsy plastic; goofy blue headlamp

The Bottom Line: If you looking for a excellent carpet clear that has various attachments and cleaning cycles, then get this carpet cleaner.

I recently purchased this carpet cleaner beacuse my 9 year old Hoover spin scrub wasn't wroking as well as I would have liked. I was uncomfortable spending that kind of money on a carpet cleaner, but now that I have used it, it was completely worth every penny.

Here is what I liked: exceptional cleaning! This thing can clean like no other machine I have seen!!I would even say that is cleans as well as Stanley Steemer. That is probably not possible, but my carpet sure look that way! It will definitely reduce the frequency we call Stanley Steemer out. Not only do I like how the carpets look, but I like how fast they dry. The book recommends 4 wash/rinse passes and 2 dry passes (forward-back counts as 2 passes). I didn't need to do more wash/rinse passes than they recommended, but I did do more dry passes to suck up as much water as I could. I was impressed with the drying time. I didn't think I would like how it automatically mixes the soap and water because I like to control that myself, but it did a great job. It didn't use an excessive amount of soap and the water/soap containers get drained to the very last drop. Only pour in a small amount of soap to get started until you get a feel for how much you will use. Soap cannot be left in the conatiner if the machine will be stored for a while. The controls were easy to use and see. This machine gives you so many options for cleaning that there is one for every need. Spot cleaning, rinse only, wash with auto rinse, and spill pick up(just suction). In addition to the various control options, it has every attachment you could possibly need for any cleaning job. The headlamp is bright, but kind of weird for me because it is blue. I find the blue glow a bit strange! I also really like the 6 year warranty!! As long as you use any of the Hoover solutions (it does not have to be the Platinum series), the warranty is valid.
All the otehr machines are a 1 year warranty, I think.

The things I feel should be improved on this are: (a) the holding tanks could be made from a thicker plastic. They are made from flimsy plastic and could be easily damaged if you are not careful. I have read other reviews that say this machine is too heavy. It is on the heavier side, but it does not bother me and I feel it is still easy to maneuver still. (b) It leaks water in transport. I think all machines do this to some degree, but this is a little more than I am used to. I would say this is the thing I dislike most about this product, however, the clenaing ability surpasses any minor water leakage I have to deal with. The holding tanks are easy to remove and insert, but again, made from flimsy plactic so I take extra care with them. This is not a machine where you can just slap in the containers and go. Care is necessary. (c) Lastly, the price is a bit steep, but again, beacuse it cleans the carpet so exceptionally well, I cannot justify complaining about the price because it is worth every last cent I spent!

All in all, this is one fine cleaming machine and I would recommend it to anyone. It is absolutely worth the money!

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