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Dec 4, 2009 (Updated Dec 4, 2009)
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Pros:Inexpensive; comfortable; sound great; durable

Cons:Might not stand up to mistreatment from children

The Bottom Line: These simply can't be beat for the price.

Since I get to enjoy the fun of working in an office, I generally have to listen to music through headphones. Apparently, folks don't employ loud slop with a bunch of distorted guitars blaring through the hallways. Typical.

So I picked up a pair of these Sony MDR-E10LPH headphones for around $8. To make a long story short, you're simply not going to find a better set of headphones for such a tiny amount of cash. In fact, this little set of headphones is probably the best pair of "earbuds" you'll find for any price.

Yes, they really are that good.

Whenever I purchase headphones, I look for three things -- sound fidelity, comfort and durability. This set of Sony headphones excels on all three counts.

As for sound fidelity, most headphones will reproduce treble well enough but a lot of them fail when it comes to bass. The bass response in the Sony set is very, very good and that's especially true when you consider how little these things weigh (just a few slim ounces for the whole thing). The bass might not boom, but it doesn't click either and it's reproduced very well. In addition to the full, rich bass sound, this set produces great high and midrange tones, too.

As for comfort, these headphones score high yet again. The earpieces are very light and there is a specially molded one for the left ear and one for the right. On some headphones, the two earpieces are made exactly the same, but these are built to fit snuggly and -- as such -- are molded a little differently. Because of the good fit and the fact there are no sharp edges anywhere, you can wear these all day with no problems.

Finally, they are quite durable. I had one set for about three years (until my daughter managed to mangle them somehow) and I've had my current set for about six months. They hold up well in everyday use, but kids are rough on them (but my daughter is rough on anything).

I should also point out that these come in a slew of colors. I've owned gray and blue so far, but I've seen red, orange, clear, green, pink -- a wide range of choices, actually.

For listening to music or general use, these are ideal. They are inexpensive and can be found at stores ranging from Target to Office Depot. I've given these five stars because they represent an exceptional bargain.

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