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Dec 4, 2009
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Pros:Five measurements
The motivational factor
Easy to read the numbers

Cons:The price
Doesn't keep history of measurements

The Bottom Line: I think this is a fun and motivational fitness tool though I haven't yet figured out how to fudge the numbers on it. 

Hear about the guy who robbed a fish store?
He stepped on a scale and got a weigh.

With the Omron Full Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor and Scale one gets much more than a weigh. The Omron HBF-510 measures weight as well as body mass index, body fat percentage, visceral fat ("the fat found in the abdomen and surrounding vital organs"), and skeletal muscle percentage. To obtain this data one must first program the monitor with personal data. Up to four personal profiles can be saved.  The purpose of monitoring and measuring body composition is to help the user reach or maintain fitness goals.

One only has to input age and height to establish a saved profile. After that it's only a matter of pressing a single button to access the correct profile and step on the scale while holding the display unit in both hands. Data is obtained via six sensors, four for the feet and two for the hands. The Omron Full Body Monitor and Scale sends a very weak electrical current through your body to determine the amount of water in each tissue. High impedance indicates more body fat since body fat stores no water. The electrical current cannot be felt by the user, but those with implanted electrical devices, such a heart monitors, should not use this scale.

Omron Full body Sensor Body Composition Monitor and Scale Features and Stats

Uses six advanced sensors to accurately measure one's whole body
Calculates 5 personalized fitness indicators in seconds
Can be used as a weight scale
Uses four AA batteries (supplied)
Measures 13 x 12 x 2.2 inches
Weighs 4.7 pounds
Includes 34 page instruction manual and measurement log sheet
Four person memory settings
Large, easy read LCD display
Turns off by itself after five minutes of nonuse

In the Potato Head House

We like that the display unit can be detached from the scale's body so that it's easy to read while only a few inches away from one's eyes.  The long, spiral cord is like the ones used on the soon to be obsolete older phones. To access the measurements, simply push the Set/Mode button once for each result. I copy the results on the chart that comes with the scale. Be sure to make multiple copies of the chart because only one is supplied.

So far I find this device to be a great motivator. When I'm tempted to eat more than I should or want to respond to the temptation of a snacking crave, I look at the chart and rethink my goals. My first set of numbers was a rude awakening because none were in the satisfactory range. Shocking to all readers, I'm sure. Slowly the numbers have improved as I continue to strive to reach personal parameters and ultimately physical perfection.

One little annoyance of this appliance is the ultra sensitivity of the on/off button. It's great that one can turn on the monitor with a light touch of one's toe, but that same light touch can turn off the scale as one carries it a few steps to record the numbers. It happened to me twice, and I've learned to be more careful or just have the chart and pencil ready when I weight myself.

So far we like the Omron monitor quite a bit despite a couple minor annoyances like the sensitive on/off button and the long display cord that has to be placed in the cavity below the display just so to snap the display unit back in place.
Weight measurements seem to be quite accurate since we've compared readings to
our other scale and to the scale at our doctor's office. We have nothing to which to compare the other readings so accepting their accuracy is a matter of trust.
I can say that the readings are very consistent and having benchmark numbers to use for setting goals is quite helpful and motivating.

This Omron unit is a bit expensive, but I recommend it for those who don't mind the price and like fiddling with gadgets.

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