Poor quality control and customer service

Dec 7, 2009
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I was excited when I bought this Fridge. It was a floor model and I got a good price. I was told I was covered by the warranty unfortunately LG did not honor the warranty in a satisfactory way. After about 35 days the fridge started to leak every couple of days. The maintenance people (from Best Buy) came to my house and they noticed that the condensation pipe was clogged with insulation, meaning that the unity could not be repaired. Best Buy submitted a claim for an exchange and LG said that they would not honor and instead only allowed me to exchange for a fridge whose price did not exceed what I paid. IMO it is not up to LG to decide what I pay for the fridge and instead just honor the warranty regardless of the price I paid (even if I got it for free).  

I'm disappointed and regret that I bought LG. I exchanged the fridge but I'm getting another brand.

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