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LifeLiner Ribbed Shelf Liner

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Throw me a Lifeliner! Durable shelf liner will last the distance...

Dec 15, 2009 (Updated Feb 24, 2010)
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Pros:Thick, ribbed, non-adhesive backing
Easy to install, remove, vacuum, wipe
Stays in place

Cons:White shows dirt and crumbs.

The Bottom Line: Lifeliner is definitely more expensive than the average shelf liner, but its longevity and stability make it a great investment for your cabinets!

A few years back I remodeled my kitchen with all new cabinets, drawers and appliances. In honor of making a fresh start, I decided to line my generously sized drawers and shelves with new shelf liner. A trip to my local "Beyond" superstore offered this new variety of shelf liner that looked thicker, sturdier and more hi-tech than the older "Contact" brand liners I had used for years. One thing I didn't like about the old liners was their sticky underside that tended to bunch and wrinkle while applying the liner. Also, they were difficult to apply because large sheets would often stick to themselves before I could apply them to the surface.  Finally, some Contact brand liners were very thin, didn't adhere well, or would shift around when you tried to vacuum or wipe them down.

My experience using Lifeliner Shelf Liners is that they are much sturdier than the average shelf liner, and are easy to apply to both shelves and drawers. They are made of white, heavy weight plastic that is ribbed in the lengthwise direction.  According to the lifeliner website, the liner is five times thicker than ordinary shelf liners. The shelf liner comes on a roll which is as easy to cut as the company claims:

 "LifeLiner is made from modern polymers, so it won't tear, scuff or crack, yet cuts easily to fit any shape." 

I've had these liners in place for several years, and they have not budged in my shelves or drawers. Unlike the contact type liners, Lifeliner rolls have no adhesive underneath. In my experience, the weight and body of the sheets keeps them flush to the surface. An interesting feature of the shelf liner is the rows of slightly raised ribs which run the length of the roll. Here's what the company says about the ribs:

"LifeLiner's exclusive patented rib design allows air to circulate under and around dishes and glassware. The ribs and the polished finish create an easy glide surface for glassware and heavy pots and pans. The ribs also provide a cushion to protect delicate china and crystal from chipping."

In my experience, the ribs definitely provide a stable surface for my dishes, cups, glasses, spices, cookware, serving crockery and other kitchen paraphernalia. I have very long, wide and deep drawers for storing all my cooking implements. When I pull the drawers out, all my utensils stay in place ~ nothing slides around or bangs against each other. I especially like having the shelf liner in my glassware and china cupboard. If glasses are slightly damp from the dishwasher when I put them away, I know they will not sit in a pool of water, and that any water on the undersides of glassware or dishes will evaporate quickly. The ribs also keep my spices from shifting around in my rollout spice cupboard. And, my heavy pots and pans (all-clad etc.) do not slide around either in my deep cookware drawer. They also don't mark or damage the surface of my drawers.

You can buy LifeLiner in rolls of either 12" or 24" depth. I recommend measuring all your cabinets and drawers first before purchasing. You should be able to determine how many feet of each depth you need by simply measuring the overall length of your upper and lower storage area and multiplying this by the total number of shelving or drawer units. I found the material very easy to install, mainly because of its weight, and the fact that I didn't have to fight with an adhesive backing.

Another bonus to using the liner is that it will not damage your wood cabinetry with sticky adhesives. Again, the company promises:

"LifeLiner has a unique cohering underside so it lays flat and stays in place without messy adhesives that destroy fine wood finishes. In fact, thick, waterproof LifeLiner will help protect surfaces from moisture damage and scratches."

I have witnessed firsthand the staying power of this liner over the last few years in my kitchen, and the company indeed is truthful in proclaiming the liner's stability. My cabinetry was a huge investment, and I'm glad I haven't marred their interiors with an adhesive liner.

Even cleaning my lined drawers and shelves is a no-brainer. After removing the contents of the drawer (the most time-consuming task), I vacuum out all the crumbs and debris from the drawer or cabinet. Then, I use a damp paper towel and some countertop spray to wipe down the liner. I found that even though the liner isn't stuck to the shelf surface, it stays put while I'm wiping and vacuuming it. The option to remove and replace if something were to spill is a nice bonus, though.

Overall, Lifeliner fulfills all its promises, and I have not found any downsides to the product at all. I am not surprised that the company offers a "Lifetime Replacement Policy". The company will replace any portion of your liner if it hasn't performed satisfactorily for any customer. So far, after three years, I have yet to experience any issues whatsoever, so this product receives my highest "five star" rating and recommendation.

To read about my new kitchen's design, layout and appliances, and to see pictures, please click on "My Kitchen Remodel" from my profile's "Favorite Websites". Thanks for reading!

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