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LifeLiner Ribbed Shelf Liner

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LifeLiner Ribbed Shelf Liner

Dec 21, 2009 (Updated Jan 4, 2010)
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Pros:No stick, nice and thick. Protects dishes and glassware.Easy to clean.


The Bottom Line: No stick, nice and thick. Protects dishes and glassware.Easy to clean.

I recently downsized to a small condo. My daughter in law (who happens to be terrific in case she's reading this) came and helped me unpack. She took care of putting all my things in  my kitchen cabinets among other things. Sh's so organized she even brought this great cabinet liner with her. It's called LifeLiner Ribbed Shelf Liner. It was thick, ribbed and came in a roll. She purchased it at Bed, Bath & Beyond with her 20% off coupon. 

To use you measure your shelf and then cut the material to fit.  I had never seen anything like this before. I'm from the old contact paper school of shelf lining which ends up tacky and disgusting. The old stuff was difficult to manage, stuck to itself and everything else when you tried to apply it and left residue when removed.

This LifeLiner has no glue or tack. It simply stays in place. You can also remove it and give it a rinse if necessary. Because of the ribs in the material it keeps plates and glasses from sliding around or falling over. It is five times thicker than regular liner. The ribs run lengthwise.

This liner won't crack and it won't scuff and it provides protection for your cabinets as well. We just installed all new cabinets so finding this great liner was a plus.  It's made of a patented ribbed design so that air circulates around your glasses, cooking utensils or plates. I found, just like the site said, that pots and pans slid easily over it.

The company has been family owned and operated since 1924. It's one of the leading producers of plastic products.  This is an easy glide design meaning your glasses can slide easily on the material.This is a patented easy glide surface It lays flat and will cover 12 shelves.  It's high gloss so it looks nice.  Look for a box similar to your saran wrap or aluminum foil boxes. The lining comes in rolls that measure 12" x 25' or 24" x 10'. There  is a little diamond shaped opening on the box so you can even feel the ribs. The liner comes in 3 colors,Snow, Bisque and Crystal.  I got the Crystal clear. Both lengths come in all three colors.  Check your cabinets for size before shopping so you get the right measurements.

Another use:I even used some to put under my dog's dishes to catch spills and crumbs. I can easily pick it up, rinse it off and replace it and it's barely noticeable on the tile floor.

This was purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond (with the wonderful discount coupon). The company will replace your liner or any portion of your liner if you aren't pleased with it's performance.

I highly recommend this product. The company is family owned and operated since 1924 and is a leader in plastic products. Once again my daughter in law has proven to be outstanding (as is this product).

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