Great Comfortable Shave - But at a Price

Dec 21, 2009
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Pros:Comfortable shave, easy to use.

Cons:Cost of lotion.

The Bottom Line: Compared to other non-lotion dispensing electric razor's this is an A in comfort.

Electric shaver versus a blade, the debate goes on was to which provides a closer shave. However, for me, using a shaver has been more around convenience as compared to a blade. I find the electric razor to be much faster and easier compared to using a blade. However, electric razors can tend to cause skin burns and irritations. That's where the Norelco shaver really stands out.

The shaver has a lotion dispenser built in, a push of the button and it will dispense a small amount of Nivea Shaving Conditioner. This provides a thin layer of lotion on your face. This soothes your face from the blades, and also moisturizes and conditions your face. When you need a little more lotion just press the button on the razor and it will deliver another small amount directly to the blades (and therefore onto your face). I find I probably tend to use a little more lotion than what Norelco would suggest, but I'll use a little more lotion to get a really comfortable, close shave. Not nearly as close as I would get with a regular blade, but good enough and with convenience.

You do need to be careful when using this razor. Do not press it too hard against your face or you'll end up with a razor burn (even with lotion). You don't need to press hard to get a close shave. The manual does recommend that you use this for three weeks to get the best shave, allowing time for your face to accomolate to the shaver.

The lotion for this razor can be found for about $20 for a 3 pack. I find that the 3 pack lasts me about 3-4 months, shaving daily. That's about $7 a month, so figure this in as you contemplate your purchase. While you can use this without the lotion (especially when you unexpectedly run out while on vacation), I would not use the razor regularly without the lotion.

Clean up is a breeze, turn the unit on and run the blades under hot water for about 30 seconds, done!

The HS8420 is on the lower end of the pricing chart, as such it does give up some of the feel of the more expensive razors. But for the price this is a very good product, I've used it for 6 months without any issues. Compared to other non-lotion dispensing electric razor's this is an A+ in comfort.

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