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by vmadwop1
It is just as you said,"an itch that has to be taken serious. It is in my heart and I love it, even my kids that are just starting. Have a wonderful day, Stella
Sep 14, 2011
8:59 am PDT

Re: Wonderful personal piece Re: Sorry I missed this one...
by sparkospunky, sparkospunky is a Lead on Epinions in Musical Instruments
Claire, I'm very flattered. Feel free to copy as many as you please.


Mar 20, 2009
3:58 am PDT

Wonderful personal piece Re: Sorry I missed this one...
by e-claire
Mike, I have taken the liberty of printing up a few copies of your story on its web-page to leave on my coffee table for waiting parents to pick up and read.

Hope that's alright with you.
Let me know if not.

Mar 19, 2009
1:22 pm PDT

Sorry I missed this one...
by bsproles
This is an awesome story, and yes, very inspirational :)

For me, I was forced to take piano lessons when I was young, and I was pretty good, but not great (I really hated to practice.) So I gave it up after maybe 2 or 3 years.

In high school, I got the bug again, and specifically asked for piano lessons at school, and I was finally able to play my favorite piece of music - Pachelbel's Canon in D.

Around the same time ('91), I started on guitar, and have been playing ever since, also without a single formal lesson. I also took up bass guitar in 2000. While I'm not anywhere close to being able to play cleanly enough to be called a pro, I *do* love to play for fun, and for me, that's what it's all about :)

Nov 5, 2007
6:32 am PST

I'm all for children learning music.
by leskataus
However, they should pick up an instrument they like, instead of what's considered "cool" or what their parents want them to play. My younger daughter chose to play a cello and now has one of her own. This was entirely her choice and was not influenced by her parents in the least. She's also picking up on how to play piano and can play it a little. She says she likes to play musical instruments that don't require her to blow into something and where she can breathe normally while playing. One of the reasons children give up on playing instruments is because they are paired with the wrong one for them. I wish I had known that back in 7th grade music class when I was told to play a trombone. I hated it and soon gave up on playing music entirely.
Apr 3, 2007
12:46 am PDT

by pilarzmom
why this is under amplifiers I'm not certain. Heh.

Great write up. Both my boys play the piano and it sure made it easy for the oldest to pick up a trumpet and learn. I fear he'll be a band nerd in high school. That's okay. He won't need knee surgery by the time he's 40!

Mar 4, 2007
10:12 am PST

Music is very important.
by TimSingleton
It teaches some discipline and a new skill that you may choose to use in the future. I think at least some simple lessons in reading music and a single instrument should be required as a part of a broad liberal arts education. I learned to read music and play guitar and I play for fun occasionally and have a broader appreciation and love of music. Bravo! Very nice opinion.
Mar 2, 2007
12:29 pm PST

Hi Mike
by Gr8ful
"music is not just about sex, drugs, arrests, wrecking motel rooms, and other such antisocial behavior"

Actually, music isn't about that at all, although modern lyrics may tend to say otherwise. Its more like all that is about music, and more to the point using music as a way to lash out.

I agree with your view of music, it is a beautiful thing and it is a powerful thing; and that is why artists use it to deliver powerful messages, whether we like what they have to say or not.

Gr8ful ;-)
Mar 2, 2007
4:53 am PST

by QuinnElaine
Music and poetry are inextricably entwined for me and both are vital to life as far as I'm concerned. While I am hopelessly addicted to the written word, it was music that I first introduced to my children right from their first day here. My oldest daughter was 1st trumpet for a couple of years, but both are happier learning their instruments outside of school now. One has her bass and the other has her drums to pound on when life gets to be too much. Music, like Love, is a language not limited by language or culture. One of the greatest gifts we are given in Life!

Wishing You Laughter
Feb 28, 2007
12:15 pm PST

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dr.P, Dr.P is an Advisor on Epinions in Musical Instruments
I really related to your review more than you would guess. Like yourself, the Beatle bug bit me, and I caught the music fever in high school. I put myself through school playing gigs, producing records, and teaching the guitar. As a practicing clinical psychologist I hear a form of the "Blues" every day from my patients. I enjoy being a psychologist, but I love music. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all. I know that I for one am very impressed. It is too bad that we live so many miles away. It would be an honor to jam with you. Perhaps some day in the future time will permit.

Feb 28, 2007
9:16 am PST

And a Pun Too.
by nagels
"What has music done for me? Obviously, it was very instrumental in my education..."

I enjoyed the pun though I don't think it was intentional.

Your piece is excellent. Yes, there is definitely a positive correlation between music study and math achievement. Unfortunately with the testing fever gripping education and the pressures of the ill-conceived No Child Left Behind, specials classes have suffered. In my county music and art classes have been halved in the middle schools. It's a disgrace and the ultimate in stupidity and short-sightedness.

Keep 'em coming.

Feb 25, 2007
5:34 pm PST

by pambo
Wonderful piece, and timely, too, written on my daughter's 14th birthday. She's just been admitted to an orchestra that will be traveling to Australia this summer, the first tangible "reward" for playing well. And she's just begun expanding the number of instruments she's playing, all because she wants to, not because of my prodding. Thanks for a lovely piece of work. I hope all school budgeteers looking to cut funding for arts programs will get a chance to see this.
Feb 23, 2007
6:40 pm PST

Once again redux....
by sparkospunky, sparkospunky is a Lead on Epinions in Musical Instruments
Again, I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments. It sorta makes me glad to be a member of a site that has so many nice folks.


Feb 23, 2007
10:37 am PST

Re: What a
by sparkospunky, sparkospunky is a Lead on Epinions in Musical Instruments
Hi Marcy, thanks for dropping by and for your kind words.

No, my father never saw me play professionally. He never really acknowledged that I was a musician, except when it came time to pay tuition and buy books.

Retiring? Yes, and probably soon. Those late nights sort of get me down, and I'm not a spring chicken anymore.

Music and math? I was referring to the scales and the mathematical precision and logic that's present in music. At least, that's how I see it!


Feb 23, 2007
10:36 am PST

What a
by craftswoman
wonderful review. You've said so much in such a short space and now I'm filled with questions.
Did your dad ever see you play professionally?
Why are you thinking of retiring? I love what you said about Keith Richards.
I've heard others compare music and math. I can't see the comparison unless they're talking about timing? But if that's true then you could say math and poetry have a relationship....

I don't like math and I think it should stay as far away as possible from the subjects that I like such as music and words. ;- )

It's true, musicians haven't been the best role models and this is true through the ages (take Franz Liszt, composer/pianist for example.) I don't know of any who are free of scandal - maybe the Morman Tabernacle Choir?

Anyway, I really enjoyed your review. It was top notch.

Feb 23, 2007
10:19 am PST

This may seem over the top but...
by shmoo1
I already have a full electric piano tucked under my six month old daughter's crib.

when she hits a year it will sit out to be played with whenever the mood strikes her.

Feb 23, 2007
9:54 am PST

by noangels
for a really enjoyable read!

Feb 23, 2007
8:27 am PST

Rock on!
by Saxguy
Once the Muse starts calling, she never stops.

That was an inspiring review. I'm ready to practice!
Feb 23, 2007
6:45 am PST

Great Review
by miller1611
My son is a music lover already at age 2 just like him mama! I played saxaphone, my dad played clarinet and we both "dabble" in others as well...I hope my son learns piano so he can teach me!

Feb 23, 2007
5:25 am PST

Couldn'r agree more ...
by marindavid
... music has been a key ingredient in what makes me who and what I am, and I value it tremendously... Music Together is a great way to introduce toddlers to it - worked nicely for two grandchildren. Nice write up. A pleasure to read!
Feb 23, 2007
5:25 am PST

Once again...
by sparkospunky, sparkospunky is a Lead on Epinions in Musical Instruments
thanks to all you folks for your kind comments. If this article inspires one child or one parent, I've accomplished my purpose.


Feb 23, 2007
5:24 am PST

You've lived an interesting life.
by mongkut
Your life sounds like something a Hollywood screenwriter would dream up for an inspirational movie. Yet it's true and you lived it.

Amazing really.

It was a pleasure to read this review and reading it made me feel all the more strongly about making sure my five year old is exposed to as many opportunities as possible. Music being one of them.

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Feb 23, 2007
4:17 am PST

For the love of music
by iamrachael
There's not a day that goes by that my daughter and I don't crank up the music and play along.

I too am a firm believer.

Great review. -Rachael : )
Feb 23, 2007
4:11 am PST

Absolutely loved your story!
by reginafug
And, I hope it inspires others to encourage their children to develop their musical talents!

Thanks for sharing,

Feb 22, 2007
8:21 am PST

Thank you all....
by sparkospunky, sparkospunky is a Lead on Epinions in Musical Instruments
for your kind comments. I wish the best of luck to all those kids who want to take up an instrument and give it a go. All parents should be commended for encouraging that.


Feb 22, 2007
8:05 am PST

by George_Chabot, George_Chabot is an Advisor on Epinions in Musical Instruments
said, bud. Great advice!
Feb 22, 2007
7:30 am PST

Nice :)
by Staceys1
My nine year old son was chosen to be in the school band this year. Thankfully he has the musical talent of my father, brother and brother in law, since the music gene seems to have skipped my husband and myself. Since my son is big for his age, he was given a Tenor Saxophone to play. He has taken to it quite nicely and asked if he can have lessons over the summer as well. I hope he sticks with it!

Feb 22, 2007
7:05 am PST

re: inspiring
by cntaur5, cntaur5 is an Advisor on Epinions in Musical Instruments
I enjoyed reading this today, it was just what I needed this morning. It's a shame so many schools have cut back their music programs. I agree that there are so many possibilities, it was music that added some extra income for me in college also. Now we've got our 3 year old banging the piano.....but he has to wait before touching my electric bass and DJ equipment.

Feb 22, 2007
6:19 am PST

You are so right!
by BeastieGirl
ever since we threw away the "paci" (fier), my daughter has been singing up a storm in the car, and although she is pretty monotone when it comes to singing, her voice couldn't be prettier. I'm waiting for the day she turns three and I can get her into some violin lessons with a local teacher- music is so key to learning, whether or not they persue it beyond personal enjoyment!

Thanks for sharing, Spunky!

Feb 22, 2007
6:12 am PST