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Dec 22, 2009
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Pros:Worked great for a few months.

Cons:Not sure what they mean by anti jam but this doesn't have it.

The Bottom Line: Pass this toaster by and get something a littel more durable.

I am known to be a bargain hunter but often times find that my deals end up not being deals at all.


It has a rather nice design that is not only pleasing to the eye but looks attractive with all the other appliances in the kitchen. There are two slots, a control knob, and of course a slider to push down when bread is inserted.

You use the control knob to change the setting with lower setting giving you lightly toasted bread and the higher settings giving you much darker piece of toast.

The Good

The two slots on this toaster have nothing special about them. They are wider and do accommodate bagels stated but they are no longer than a traditional toaster, therefore there is no real advantage over any other model.
The machine is easy to clean and unlike a lot of toasters I have owned you do not end up with crumbs all over the counter or the cabinet you store this in. The door on the bottom is easy to open making dumping crumbs into the trash easy.
The Bad

This toaster is supposed to come with a mechanism to prevent jamming. We did not have any problems with the toaster for the first couple of months. Then one day the toast would not come out of the toaster and when you tried to lift up the handle it would get stuck. You would have to unplug the toaster to get the toast to pop up.

I have found that we now have to have the toaster on one of the higher settings to get it nicely toasted. Otherwise you get bread that looks and feels like you left it on the counter all night and that is not at all appetizing. This was not the case for about four months. It toasted everything just as you would expect it to on each setting.

My Recommendation
I would have to say that with this toaster you get what you pay for. It only cost 12 bucks at a well known discount store and for the first few months it worked great. I guess maybe if we didn’t eat toast daily around our house a cheaper model such as this would last longer but unfortunately we do so I am now in the market for a new one. I would suggest you put your money into a nicer model that costs a little more but will last longer.

I thank you all for reading and wish you a great day!

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