Saeco Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine

Saeco Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine

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Sirena Review - Nice Machine

Dec 26, 2009 (Updated Dec 26, 2009)
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Pros:Quick setup, excellant crema first time, beautiful machine, tasty espresso

Cons:Sloppy steaming - frothy instead of foamy (probably just need practice)

The Bottom Line: I recommend this machine for espresso lovers looking to upgrade their setup for a reasonable cost.
It is simple to operate and, with, practice, produces great results for the price.

I am pleased with my new Sirena. I didn't expect spectacular results, but after 6 shots of "practice", I got a nice, better-than-average espresso. It was better than the shots I buy at Starbucks, but not as good as the brew from some of the local shops in town.

It looks fantastic in my kitchen; my wife says it looks like a German automobile. I'll be pleased to pull shots for my family and friends.

The wait times for heating are suitable. I didn't have to wait long (30 seconds) after steaming the milk to pull the shots. The machine quits working when the water level in the reservoir reaches about three inches. I didn't expect this since it wasn't mentioned in the sparcely written manual, but I think it's a great safety feature.

The crema is nice. It was so easy, I felt like I was cheating. Even though the manual instructs the user not to tamp the grounds, I found the flavor better when lightly tamping with just the weight of the tamper. 

The steam is aggressive, but producing a nice microfoam will take some practice. My first attempts have resulted in mounds of frothy bubbles and only a little microfoam.

I'm very happy with the purchase. I've been waiting for decent "starter" machine to drop below $300. This has been a delightful gift to myself.

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