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Jan 7, 2010
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Pros:Stylish and powerful, when it works.

Cons:Magnetrons fail frequently- Usually after warrany expires. Costly repair.

The Bottom Line: Has a lot of nice features, But the poor reliability should make you STEER CLEAR

I installed this microwave oven in my kitchen just over a year ago. We bought it because we liked the features of it, the looks, and because we trusted the LG name.

It has worked quite well- The microwave does a good job cooking, and the vent fan is quite powerful. The oven itself is nice ad large, so you can fit plenty in. The removable rack seemed like a nice feature until we actually started using it, then it just got in the way.

But if you should decide to buy one- GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY.

Only a few weeks after the 1 year 'full' warranty expired, the magnetron went out, and needed to be replaced. The magnetron is covered under a 5 year warranty, but that ONLY covers the part, NOT the labor. So- At this point, you have 2 choices. The first is to remove the heavy unit from your wall, cart it in to the local service center (about 1/2 hour drive for me), and get it fixed for "only" $65, or have a service tech come to you for what LG calls a "Nominal" fee- $150. That's 1/2 the cost of an entire new unit!

LG customer support has been less than helpful with the problem as well- They take the 'it's out of warranty, so it's none of our concern stance.

The magnetron problem seems to be common, too. Just about every site that has reviews has a complaint from a fair number of users about the magnetron failing

Honestly, I expected a lot more from the LG name.

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