Does Clear Complexion mean acne all over?

Dec 27, 2009
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Pros:It smells good, but that's about all.

Cons:It causes peeling, and more acne.

The Bottom Line: This product makes skin dry and clogs pores.  I would not recommend it because it does absolutely nothing that it says it would.

I bought this product because a friend told me that Aveeno is a very good company and I was suffering from mild acne.  I bought Aveeno Clear Complexion and I began to use it.  This was during the summertime and I noticed that I burned so much quicker after using the product.  Merely a 10 minute walk to the grocery store made my forehead super red.  After 2 weeks of using this product, I noticed I started breaking out more.  I also started getting a lot of clogged pores and blackheads.  I continued to use the product for 2 more weeks thinking that maybe my acne was just getting worse.  In the total of a month that I was using this product, it did nothing for me.  It did not even out my skin tone or smooth my texture.  The moisturizer did not absorb well and it left my skin looking very oily.  It also made my skin feel sticky to the touch.  On the instructions, it said that if using the product once a day causes peeling, then reduce to using it once a day.  I used the product once a day and it still made my skin peel a lot.  It really began to worry me that my whole forehead was covered in tiny bumps, so I stopped using the product and my acne got a lot better.  I do not recommend this product, I think it's a hassle and it does nothing beneficial for your skin.

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