Impressive performance, good features, good value, so far...

Dec 30, 2009 (Updated Jan 2, 2010)
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Pros:button controls, suction, noise level, bagless, easy to clean, attachments, compact, handle

Cons:Some plastic elements seem a little vulnerable and fragile

The Bottom Line: Great performance and features, as well as good value for the money so far; let's see how it does over the next year...

I have only had it the new vacuum for a few weeks and so far I am pretty satisfied. Mind you I am comparing this vacuum against a pretty old hoover canister (10yrs+ maybe even 20) and a 6 year old hoover upright (that died).

First thing I like: it's quieter than I am used to for a vacuum. That's subjective of course,  and I don't have a means to provide you with decibel measurement. There are three convenient control buttons at the hose handle: one to control turning it on and toggling thru its vacuum power settings (three levels), one to toggle on and off the power brush, and one to turn the whole thing off. This is great because, we have area rugs on a wood floor: as we vacuum plush carpet one doesn't need full suction, because the power brush is doing most of the work (and doing it well), hence we operate much quieter; as we move off the carpet onto hardfloor, one needs more suction, but no brush; so with a few quick button pushes, I can instantly control the change setting to suit of floor type.

The bagless feature is great because it liberates us from the tyranny of having to buy those expensive bags. It's relatively easy to dump the dust canister (I just put the whole thing upside down into a used plastic grocery bag and wipe off the dust from the outside of it with a moist rag or hold it under the tap). The handle of the canister looks somewhat vulnerable and fragile, I fear, however.

The metal vacuum tube is a single, telescoping design, in lieu of two separate pieces. Very convenient - lets see how it holds up over the years. The power connection points attached to this this seem also a little vulnerable and fragile.

The Power brush attachment is a little bulky, but appears effective at brushing up dust and dirt (and such) from our rugs. The bottom is removable by screws for maintenance (belt replacement) or clogs (in the event of). The Upholstery brush attachment is suction-powered. Highest suction power (setting) is needed to get optimal performance from this attachment. Moreover, do not press down on this attachment, or the brush is prevented from turning.

There is a crevasse tool and a small upholstery brush accessory in an on-board compartment, along with a small brush/awl tool for cleaning the filters. This should help keep one from losing these attachments somewhat.

The power cord has a spring recoil, activated by foot-pedal. Unfortunately, I would again criticize that the pedal appears a little vulnerable and fragile.

The large, bucket-style handle to lift the canister is convenient. Suction is very good; reach is good (wire length, hose length), but not as good as I have seen on more expensive units. The unit is fairly compact and makes the unit a good choice for 1 to 3 bedroom apartment and small houses, with mixed floor types, in my opinion.

My 'durability' rating is misleading considering the amount of time I have owned the unit. I feel so far is that it is pretty well built overall, though I have some misgivings about some of the plastic I have mentioend above. Time will tell.

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