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Jan 4, 2010
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Imagine my disappointment when I sold one house with a top of the line European dishwasher, and bought a new 'builder's special' with this bottom of the line piece of junk.  It's five years old today and it's on its way out the door.  I didn't get rid of it when I had it repaired three times at a $125 a pop.  I didn't get rid of it when I realized I couldn't run it during a party, or while watching TV or while trying to hear myself think.  I didn't get rid of it when I had to pre-wash or post-wash the dishes by hand, or run it more than once to get the dishes clean.  The last straw was the fact that the tines from the top and bottom basket are all rusting out.  This means I can't even stand up my glasses or dishes without worrying they'll break before the end of the cycle.  And the warranty on the nylon racks . . . five years.  I'm going out today to get the same dishwasher I bought before.  I should have thrown it out when I moved in.

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