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Jan 16, 2010
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Pros:Easy to load and quiter than older models.

Cons:Not as quite as should be.

The Bottom Line: A nice addition to the kitchen with its stainless steel door.

The old Kenmore dishwasher went out after 20 years of operation, we purchased this dishwasher at Lowes. It is large enough for a family dinner worth of dishes. It is easy to load and operate.

All of the controls are on the top of the door with little lights to indicate which control is in operation. Also there are many options to choose from.

While washing the dishes, the "iSense Soil" checks the level of dirt on the dishes. If it feels there is more dirt, it increases the time of washing.

There is an indicator display which tells you how much time is left on the wash/rinse cycle. The average time for us has been about 90 minutes depending on which cycle is used. The dishwasher is programed to remember the last cycle used, so one does not have to reporgram each time. Most of the time, we use the same cycle, the one that saves energy.

Inside there are two racks, as is the case with most dishwashers. The is an upper spray arm an a middle spray arm. There are also a removable high side shelf on the left side for small items. Pretty handy for those little things. It also has a self cleaning filter and a trap for borken glass.

Now comes to down side. From the first day, the top rack did not roll in and out easily. We first thought it was the newness and once broken in it would work fine. Not the case and a repair tech had to be called in and the rack replaced. Also, after three months, a buzz occures and it has not gone away. The tech says it indicates something is caught in the glasss filter, but even after it was removed, the noise continues. This dishwasher is advertised as the quitest in the class. Certainly it is much quiter than the previous dishwasher, but still not what we expected.

Overall this was a good purchase. Just do not believe all the hype.

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