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Jan 20, 2010
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Pros:Small, fast, good quality

Cons:Could use a USB imput for flash drives, should come with a cable

The Bottom Line: A great buy even more now that the price has droped and is a very durable and great quality printer. I say buy

Ok so I bought this printer when it first hit the market because I thought that it was a cool idea to add a touch screen to the basic printer. I got mine at Best Buy where one of the sales assiociates recommended it for college useage which is all that I use it for. I wanted a printer that was not only smaller in size but had scanning capablities and a memory card reader. I use a MacBook and so the version I have does not have a memory card reader and I wanted one so I could upload photos for Facebook and store them on the computer so I didn't need to buy a card reader.

The printer was a breeze to set up basically self explanatory and the software that comes with it has some neat features which allow me to make scans and check ink levels. I do not use them however because of the software built into my Mac that I am more familar with. The only think I needed to buy was an USB cable to connect it to my computer. So as far as setting it up and using it there really is nothing hard about it no problem for anyone to do it.

I use it to print pictures for around my dorm room as well as just black and white copies. They are all great quality for the price of the computer. The ink lasts a long time when I use low quality fast draft but when its a high quality color picture that takes a lot more ink. I have managed to print 45 full color pages out with one ink catrige so that saves me some money.

If you want a fast printer this is deffinately one I would recomend. My roommate has a Cannon and I can print over twice as fast as he can with his. The quality is not as great but it saves time and ink to do it that way.

The scanning takes a little bit of time to get used to but over all has a great quality and once used to it its a lot easier to do.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fast, yet good printer.

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