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Jan 22, 2010 (Updated Mar 14, 2010)
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Pros:No chemicals
Great cleaner (haven't found a mess it wont clean yet)

Cons:Small reservoir
Plastic is a little cheap
Short cord

The Bottom Line: I recommend this product as it not having to purchase cleaners and having my family safe is worth very much to me.

This product came into my life as a Christmas gift and has delivered every day since. Having three small boys it helps clean my floors, without harmful chemicals that can hurt my children. Of course you have to sweep up the dirt. I can fill the small ( yes it could be larger) reservoir, and the cord could be a little longer for convience but I then have naturally disinfected floors for my little ones. This vacuum delivers results for the price, however a smaller attachment to get into hard to reach areas would definitely be a plus.
Before the "Chark" as my three year old calls it, I was relying on harsh chemicals, my husband and middle child has allergies so these chemicals, so we were taking every time I used them. My child had a rash that I am sure came from the disinfectants that I used at the time, once I changed brands the rash cleared.
Steam just by it's nature is a natural disinfectant, and now I have this product that I know is safe for my family.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting a clean house without having to use harmful chemicals .This product can cut through messes very quickly and easily, the only problem I have found with it is, now my children love to watch me clean up that peanut butter and jelly, or watch the "Chark" eat it. But that is another issue all together.

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