Mansons Attempt At Romance

Jan 26, 2010
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Pros:Manson doesn't conform to what the masses want in this one.

Cons:Some of the songs seem to be filler and uninspired.

The Bottom Line: Even though some of the songs aren't very inspiring the ones that are make it an album worth buying, especially if you're a long time fan.

In this album Manson sings a lot about his love life. The first lyrics of the first song of the album, Devour, summarize most of the rest of the album. He sings "I'd swallow you like a big bottle of big, big pills." If you're on drugs this type of thing is actually rather romantic.

The next song is Pretty As a Swastika. He describes his lover as somewhat ugly in the light and claims "More than one way to make you cry". It is one of the catchier and heavier songs of the album.

Leave a Scar
comes next. It was meant to be the single of the album and it was just that, although it is not very heavy and sounds almost country. He gives his pessimistic "the cup is half empty" viewpoint on challenges in life and the way he treats others. Most devoted Manson fans will love this one.

He says in the song I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies that he's only acting and that it shouldn't be confused with love. "The business of pleasure baby", What a badass. The song is somewhat drawn out and repetative but it flows rather well and is still one of my favorites from the album.

Were From America
comes later and is definately the most catchy song of the album. I'm surprised it wasn't a single. The lyrics are an accurate depiction of the arrogance of Americans yet Manson describes it with pride and catchy rock rythm. This is probably my favorite song on the album.

The album finishes with the song 15, which is slow and very deep lyrically for someone like manson. He says "anyone with half a soul will hear this and they'll never leave me." later he says "leaving me alone to die is worse than having the guts to kill me." The song is rather moving and a great way to end the album.

The rest of the songs sound like filler to me and aren't very unique.

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