3 Strikes - You're Out

Jan 28, 2010
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I am on the third TFTX85.  Bought one.  Few months later, quit brewing 1/2 way through.  Had to start it several more times to finish the pot.  Coffee tasted terrible and was only lukewarm.  Complained, they sent another one.  Few months later, exact same problem.  They sent ANOTHER one.  Lasted a few more months than the first two, now exact same problem again.  I do not even want them to send me another one.  Mr. Coffee should recall every one of these.   When I reported the problems each time, they never asked at all for more information on the troubles with my machine, only sent out a new one, so apparently they know what is wrong with this particular machine, so they should recall them. 

Will go purchase another machine today, but it will not be a Mr. Coffee. 

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