CEU gets to Billboard Top 100

Apr 28, 2007

The Bottom Line CEU reaches #57 on Billboard

Weeks ago I stated BEBEL GILBERTO was the sole Brazilian female presence on Billboard.


Brazilian highlight singer CEU proved me wrong, for my pleasure. She managed to get to #57 on Billboard Top 200 albuns on the strenght of her label's affiliations to Starbucks all over America. Her debut was released 2005 Brazilianside. It's a wonder.


CEU is ear-candy capuccino with a pronounced contemporary flavor. It has worldwide appeal while remaining remarkably Brazilian. She may be the most dynamic Brazilian performer since CLARA NUNES.


Once BEBEL GILBERTO is no slouch (her Momento the greatest Brazilian record of the year up to now) we can be highly satisfied with current American praise for Brazilian singers. There will be rewarding competition in the mid run.

See ya!

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