Black and Decker Small Food Chopper for Quick Chopping and Saving Time

Jan 31, 2010
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Pros:Small to store food chopper and mincer

Cons:Sometimes aligning lid to locked position is aggravating

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend the food chopper for any kitchen.  It is inexpensive, fits the budget, has 4 components which 3 are  dishwasher safe.

I have always used chopped, minced, diced fresh veggies in my meals, but cutting them all by hand is very time consuming.  For the past 15 years I have owned a food chopper of some sorts similar to the Black and Deck H306 1.5 cup capacity after using a large food processor was recognizing it was not for me. When my last food chopper chopped its last veggie, I already knew exactly what I wanted and it was one just like the one that died that chopped, minced, diced, affordable, dishwasher safe and not very many parts. I immediately found the Black and Decker H306 Food Chopper.

What It Has and Cleaning It

The entire unit is small about 6" x 8" and about 6" tall and easy to store in your cupboard on leave on your counter. It has 4 pieces to it.  It consists of a 1.5 cup clear bowl with clear lid that is made of hard plastic and is dishwasher safe. A single stainless steel blade sits inside the bowl for chopping, dicing, or mincing food and removes for easy cleaning and is also dishwasher safe. I have always used the top rack for cleaning the components. The base where the motor is housed is cleaned with a cloth and if kept clean after each use, it will look new for a long time. The unit has a single button operation that you use to either pulse or hold down for continuous chopping.

Using It

Since it is a small food chopper you will need to hand cut some of your veggies to size and then let the food chopper take over. You cannot put a whole carrot or celery stalk in to chop. So after cutting up your veggies into large chunks, approximately ½ inch in size, you place them into the chopper bowl, and turn the lid into the locking position. It will not turn on unless the lid is locked. This is a safety feature which sometimes becomes very aggravating since the chopper will only turn on if the lid, bowl and base are aligned correctly and locked. Even the slightest misalignment will cause it to not turn on. After aligning the lid and locking it, plug the unit in and push down on the button.  If it turns on, congratulations, you aligned it properly.

The button works as the on and pulse button. This button is how you will decide how much to chop up your food. Holding it down continuously will start to mince your food while lifting your finger up and checking will chop your food into smaller pieces.

The most difficult thing to get use to is to learn to stop the processor before the food is the size you want. After removing your finger from the button, the blades turn a couple spins which could chop it more than what you desired.

The trick to using the chopper is to start slowly and learn how long to operate it for each type of food as it will turn your food into mince food quickly as quick as 30 seconds if you keep your finger depressed on the button. Since the bowl is a see-thru bowl, it will be easy to tell the size of your veggies. The instructions recommend that you not hold the button for longer than 30 seconds at a time and be careful of causing it to overheat by stuffing it with too much food. 

Its Performance

This is the perfect size chopper for my husband and myself and is even the same size that I had when our 2 kids were at home. The blade appears to stay sharp and it is easy to clean.  It is especially great when we have family gatherings as it is always in heavy usage making all the home made goodies.

I generally use it to cut onions, celery, pickles, olives, water chestnuts, garlic, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, green peppers and red peppers.

I do recommend this product and it does save time in the kitchen if you have a few items to chop or even one item of large quantity. Of course if your project is small you will have to decide if you can go faster by hand or by the chopper. It takes some time but it sure beats using a large food processor for just chopping veggies. The cleanup involved in the large ones was ridiculous to me and I found myself just chopping by hand to avoid cleaning the many pieces of the large processors.

This is well worth the money and certainly doesn't break the household budget. The only negative would be the alignment of the bowl and lid to lock and turn on but after trial and error it becomes 2nd nature to you.

The product has a one year warranty.

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