EpiDay - UK Edition

May 10, 2007 (Updated May 26, 2007)

The Bottom Line Just wanted to give a bit more advertising for the Birmingham-based EpiDay event. So... here it is!

This is just an attempt to make more people aware of the Epinions Community Day, which Garrett envisaged to give us all an opportunity to get together and meet in person (without it being an official “meet and greet”).

Now we in England (well anywhere outside the USA, but I’m in England so that’s what I’m going to talk about) have been a bit left out of all this meeting and greeting that’s gone on before (though there have been a couple of concerted efforts to do this, I haven’t managed to attend one yet). So my idea for the EpiDay event in the UK is as follows:

It is to be hosted in Birmingham City Centre, and as the place provides both reasonably-priced food and drink (including some decent beer :-D), Nandos in the Bull Ring Shopping Centre seems like a good place. I happen to like Nandos so that sprang to mind immediately, and the Bull Ring is one of the most visible and well known parts of Birmingham, so should be easy enough to find even if you are coming from somewhere else.

Why Birmingham, I hear you ask? From my point of view because it’s nearby. But don’t let that make you think I’m simply being selfish here and wanting it easy… I spoke to Chris (CR01) about the EpiDay idea and Birmingham seemed popular as a central location. We did discuss some other options but it seemed like it would always be Birmingham or London - so Birmingham it is. (Incidentally if you want to host an EpiDay somewhere else in the UK please go ahead – the Brummy one doesn’t have to be the only one!) I’m not sure how many Epinions members there are in the UK, but I’m sure there’s enough to host at least one event with a decent number of people showing up.


Final date and time now set:

14th July 2007
2:00pm till whenever
Nandos in the Bullring Shoppping Centre
Birmingham City Centre

Leave a comment or email me if you want to come!

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It’s also been explained in the Member Centre.

If you want to email me my address is poetofthecentury@aol.com

If you want to host your own event contact Garrett.

Confirmed / Likely attendees

My better half and I
Tony and Gill
Chris (CR01)
Carl (Carl_Lazarevic)
Krissieliz + boyfriend

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