Strange design but excellent sound boost

Feb 4, 2010
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Pros:Great consistent sound, easy to tuck away, easy setup

Cons:none.  It does what it should

The Bottom Line: This is a very easy to install, well rounded product that does what it should when it should. 

I have been a HUGE car audio fanatic for the last ten years. Ever since I was capable of driving, I have had a desire to blast my speakers at levels that weren't fit for anyone's ears. This has led to thousands of dollars in purchases, countless maxed out credit cards, and eventually led to a huge interest in the car customization business in general.

Over the last ten years, I have done countless installs on my own vehicles, my friends' vehicles, and customer vehicles after I started up my own customization business in 2000, which eventually would be put out of business, by the economy crushing September 11th. Porous

Since the time September 11th, I have still maintained a great deal of side business, including work done for a local shop on a need basis. I now perform the majority of my installations as more of a hobbyist than for income. This affords me the opportunity to try out the latest equipment and improve the car customization scene within the state of Alaska.

I'm not sure what has happened to Kenwood in the last few years but back when I first started to love sound Kenwood was on top of the world.  If you didn't have Kenwood, you didn't have the best.  With companies like Rockford, MTX, and Pioneer taking over the market, Kenwood has become one of the discount brands in the industry but still produces a recognizable product that you know is going to last. 

One of my favorite products that they provide is actually one that doesn't seem like a likely fit to a sound enthusiast.  This item is the fully enclosed KSC-SW10 Component System.  This particular system is a favorite of mine because of the versatility of the unit.  It has a somewhat unusual look to it but that's because it comes with straps that allow you to hide it under a seat.  This of course is great if you aren't as worried about showing the speakers as you are of getting the performance out of them.  For most people this is exactly what they are attempting to accomplish.  For those that like to show their speakers they sacrifice a great deal of space, with this setup you utilize underused space in your vehicle typically under or behind a seat.

This is a fully powered unit that provides 150 watts of power at peak and 38 RMS.  This of course isn't a huge amount of sound but it is more than enough for someone that is simply looking to enhane what they already have.  You aren't going to get massive bass hits but you will have a sound that is perfect fo someone only looking to increase the sound inside the vehicle rather that broadcasting it to their neighborhood. 

With a remote control the unit is also controllable so that you can adust the amount of power you are looking to obtain from your system.  This of course makes it truly versatile towards your taste of music.  If you are listening to rap then you might want to crank up the bass a little bit more but if you are listening to alternative you may want to knock it back.  Regardless of what you like you are going to be able to have full control over the amount of sound that you are receiving in order to obtain a well rounded sound within your car. 

The overall installation of the unit couldn't be easier.  Since it is a fully contained unit the only thing that you really have to do is connect it to the receiver and give it some power.  This can be done with any wiring kit.  Because the unit itsn't all that high powered you can use most any wiring kit on the market for it.  I personally use Boss 8 guage for the unit.  This is a lower cost kit that will give me the performance that I need without failure. 

Make sure that you are following the instructions carefully so that you connect it properly but if you do it correctly you are going to have sound and if you don't do it right then you aren't going to have the sound that you want if you get any at all.  So make sure that you pay attention if you are looking to do the installation yourself. 

This is one of the better component systems on the market.  I find that the sound clarity is great and it does exactly what it is supposed to do.  The big thing to keep in mind is that it is only 150 Watts peak.  You aren't going to blow anyone away with your powerful setup.  You are simply using this to enhance what you already have.  It is very responsive, has nice distinction between notes, and very little distortion in the sound. If you use it at normal sound levels there should be no problems. 
Product Features compact enclosure with 5"x7" driver and 5"x7" passive radiatorbuilt-in amplifier: 38 watts RMS power (150 watts maximum)variable low-pass crossover (50-120 Hz)wired remote control adjusts level, phase, and low-pass filter setting Technical Details Compact, active bass tubeDual voice coil 180mm concave subwoofer and passive radiatorAluminium Die-casting Back-Frame and Front Aluminium Plate1 RCA Input & Speaker Level Input for Easy Up-gradeSupplied with Wired Remote (Gain/LPF Frequency/Phase Switch)Includes velcro strapsCan be mounted flat under a seat in the passenger compartmentCan accept either line level (RCA) or speaker levelDimensions (WxHxD: 14-1/2 x 3-11/16 x 8-13/16 inches

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