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Feb 3, 2010 (Updated Feb 7, 2010)
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Pros:Big bean chamber
A timer will make it burr a preset quantity
Price range

Cons:Not so good for espresso, but not supposed to in that price range
Plastic ground container

The Bottom Line: Beats higher models. If espresso was possible I would have given five stars.

You have two types of grinders: burr and blade.

First of all, like so many others wrote before: a blade grinder is a waste of money. It heats the coffee, no consistency at all, takes forever to grind etc. It's very affordable, so it's tempting, but you'll end up with regrets.

Then you have the burr grinders, that's the kind you should buy. The problem is, the good ones start at 150$ / 200$, and much more for the highest quality. Which is an issue for some people. Don't expect anything from burr grinders at 10$ <> 40$ price range, these are laughable.

I saw the DBM-8 on the web, searching for a good deal. At 40$ I was more than skeptical. But since it wasn't looking cheap, I read a few pages about it and... gave it a try.

I happend to love coffee and to have many coffee makers, espresso (Delonghi EC140B with a customized depressurized basket), french press, drip. So I could really put the 18 grind settings of this baby to the test. I first tried the finest for the espresso, the coarsest for the french press, and the medium one for the drip.

It ended up with three different sizes in no time, from very fine to very coarse. So it really is functional, consistent and it even works fast. A bit finer would be an improvement for espresso but keep the price in mind (in that price range it's already much much much more than I expected). So except for espresso, I ended up with a much better coffee than preground.

I might be wrong, but I think the finest setting would be fine enough for espresso if used with a pressurized basket. My machine was using one of those, but since I tweaked it to be a non-pressurized one (much better coffee this way) I can't be sure about that. The point is: a pressurized basket doesn't need the coffee to be as fine as with a non-pressurized, so theoricly the espresso capability of the DBM-8 depends on the espresso machine you'll be using.

The ground container is made of plastic, which is a "static" problem... some coffee will glue to it. In my opinion it's the only problem with that grinder.

In conclusion, depending on your equipment it might be able to come up with an okay result for espresso, but this grinder is meant to be dedicated to drip and french press, which it does really well.

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