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Feb 15, 2010 (Updated Feb 15, 2010)
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I had my Maytag over 15 years, so when it gave out, I thought I'd go with something sleek and stainless.  We liked the looks of this dishwasher and thought Frigidaire was a good brand.  Honestly, I don't care what brand we buy, but I think everyone agrees that a dishwasher should clean the dishes, right?  Mine does a poor job of it. We rinse our dishes first, but it still doesn't clean well.  I often have food/detergent on dishes at the end of the cycle, and I only use very hot water.  I tried liquid and powdered detergents to see if that mattered. No. It also has a very long wash cycle compared to my old dishwasher.  How is that energy efficient?  Still within my 90 days, so I hope I don't have a problem returning this thing.

sigh... I long for the good ole days when appliances were well built and lasted for many years.

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