Samsung microwaves

Feb 17, 2010
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Pros:attractive exterior design, price, cooks fast

Cons:Difficult to clean, features do not work, loud fan, inferior quality, installation brackets weak.

The Bottom Line: Go with another brand, Samsung does not make good microwaves, looks and feature list are deceiving. They do not make everything they manufacture to the same quality level.

I actually have 2 Samsung over the range microwaves and although this review is for this model, the other one is identical in overall opinion although a stainless steel model that was new in a home I bought. I based my decision on appearance and feature list, regrettably. The interior compartment has many molded areas that are more difficult to wipe clean than any other brand I looked at while shopping. It takes a real effort to clean up after a microwave bomb which you will have many of because it heats too quickly and is so difficult to adjust. No matter what button control is used, everything cooks at full power. Food is usually overcooked. I have had no success defrosting with many adjustment attempts to compensate. It seems the Samsung control panel is just decoration for rows of high power controls. I see it as a sales ploy. On the other hand, it is very powerful and cooks very quickly although too quickly. It does a lousy job at everything, but the turntable works. The fan on both microwaves is obnoxiously loud (and louder than others) and the ventilation feature doesn't work well either (and I've had other filtered vents that did a great job with other brands). The handle of one of them simply fell off without effort and we discovered it is only attached to microwave by tiny plastic pieces which must have broken from wear. Only used it for a few months. I am selling one home that has this one and the other one I will now replace with a GE Profile (of which I know from happy previous ownership that all features work very well). Although the Samsung affordable, you certainly do not even get that low value. You do NOT get what you pay for but is cute to look at; isn't that what you want in a microwave? I didn't think in this day and age with a name brand microwave you could go wrong but I was mistaken.

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