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Feb 23, 2010
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I can't believe this isn't available anymore, I LOVE mine, and it's only about two years old. I suppose the 1800 (an 18 inch) replaces it. Kind of a shame, really, the Powerlite has been perfect for me. My driveway is the standard 60 feet or so long, takes me all of 15 minutes to clear a 3 inch snowfall, soggy wet or dry. Even gets through the slop at the end that the plow leaves, just take it in smaller bites. I just get it serviced one per year at the hardware store where I bought it, and it never fails all winter. That costs me about $130, but well worth it. I HATE waiting around for the "plow guy" to come, if he does come. And then he scalps my lawn and wrecks my stone wall, and charges me $40 for the privilege. Get the Toro blower, whatever size, I'm glad I did.

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