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Feb 25, 2010 (Updated Feb 28, 2010)
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Pros:Baby has to rock himself and still loves doing it at 13 months.

Cons:It is more expensive than many "bouncy chairs," but it is worth it.

The Bottom Line: The chair is one of the smartest purchases I made, as my son still loves it.

This seat is a must-have. After copious research, I purchased the Bjorn seat against the advisement of friends, who believed that the chair was too expensive because my son would tire of it after three months like any bouncy chair. Thirteen months later, my son still uses the chair every day and my friends get the seat as a gift for their second children.
My son actually slept in his seat for the first month of his life (it has three positions: almost flat, somewhere in between and sitting up), and I do not know what we would have done without it. Yes, initially we had to bounce him in it, but even the worst upsets never failed to be soothed by its movements. Sooner than we thought, he learned to rock himself and the sight alone of little legs moving in perfect rhythm is reason enough to get the seat. To this day, he starts his day in his chair while I make breakfast and loves to sit in it while we make dinner. It enables him to be a part of the action, while safely contained, yet he is still expending energy to bounce.  He also still loves the wooden toy bar that comes with it, so even though it is a separate purchase it is a worthy investment. 
I would advise any parent to pay any amount for this chair. It weighs virtually nothing and folds completely flat so it travels everywhere with us and acts as a seat for feeding in a pinch. Washing it is as simple as throwing it in the laundry and drying it (it literally takes 2 seconds to remove it and put it back in place; it is simpler than hanging clothes on a hanger) .   
Bounce for bounce it is a better buy than any other seat out there, and if that were not enough, it actually looks nice in the house.

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