Skull Candy earbuds: Not so Great After all

Feb 25, 2010
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Pros:Good sound, and great quality

Cons:Hurt ears, expensive, gathers ear wax

The Bottom Line: If you are going to spend money, get earphones, not buds. These are a waste of money, and not worth it.

The skull candy earbuds in my opinion are terrible. The other day my ipod earphones broke that came with my ipod, and I purchased some black skull candy earbuds. I bought these because I have heard that the skull candy brand is the very best, and that's what they are known for. I will in fact have to disagree with this epinion on skullcandy's product of the earbuds. I will give it to them that the sound sounds excellent, and very good quality. It also has good bass in them as well. To be honest thought it's not much difference than any other type of earphone. What I hate about them very very much is the actual earbud. I feel this way because it actually hurts my ears if I leave them in very long at all. The earbud is a soft cushion type material but when left in too long it does actually hurt, because they are so big. That tends to get quite annoying and makes me really mad. One because they are expensive, and I don't think their worth five dollars. Also another negative aspect of these earbuds are the buds do not last very long before you have to replace them, and when you let someone use the earbuds, it collects the wax and it gets inside it. I think that is so gross, and it's just a bad earbud all in all. I have also read different reviews on other sites, and other people claim the same as I have, but they mentioned the cord split not too long after purchase. Personally, I believe in the original ipod earphones, and I'll take them to the grave.

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