Challenge Yourself 2007 Write Off

Jun 15, 2007 (Updated Sep 4, 2007)

The Bottom Line The third bi-annual "Challenge Yourself" write off 10 entries and counting...

Following the relatively successful Challenge Yourself and Challenge Yourself 2005 write offs, I've decided to host another one this year, unimaginatively titled "Challenge Yourself 2007". (Hoping to beat the 40 and 30 entries respectively from the earlier write offs.)

You probably know the basic idea already - simply to review something you've never reviewed before. Each Challenge Yourself write off has been slightly different though, so read carefully. Your review doesn't necessarily have to be in a completely new category - let's face it, after you've been here a few years you tend to find that there aren't many (or any) categories that you haven't posted in. However there are lots of sub-categories to choose from - for instance, my opening entry will be in Computer Hardware. It's a category I've posted a few reviews in, though not many. However I'll be reviewing a computer for the first time (it's only been joysticks and graphics cards before that), so for me it's a completely new thing to review.

Other ideas might be: if you've only ever reviewed fiction books you could try a non-fiction; maybe you've reviewed in the Music category many times but never a foreign-language album; you've reviewed computer games but never a retro title; never reviewed a black and white movie, a hotel, a watch, or whatever. You get the picture.

All you have to do to enter the WO is review something you've never reviewed before, state what exactly it is that makes it a new type of review for you, mention the WO (link to this if you want, not if not), and let me know by email or leaving a comment here. (Yes I know it makes for a huge convoluted comment section but we can all live with that…)

That's it! So get writing, find something new and Challenge Yourself.

Starting date: June 15th 2007
Closing date: August 31st 2007

If anyone has a review in progress and doesn't think they'll get it finished in time, don't worry - it's better to do a good review rather than do a rush job, so let me know whenever you've completed it and I'll add it to the entries. (Email address on my profile page.) If several people need more time, I'll put back the closing date to the end of September.

My Entries to the previous write offs:

Aftershave Review
Restaurant Review
Website Review
Dehumidifier Review

Challenge Yourself 2007 Entries:

1. A Computer Review by CaptainD
2. A Car Review by Stephen_Murray
3. A Boom Box Review by Smorg
4. A Wireless Router Review by CaptainD
5. A Music Review by pmills1210
6. A Car Review by ifif1938
7. A Book Review by tiger62x
8. A Hotel Review by Lyoness913
9. An Office Supply Review by rkingfish
10. Young Children's Book Review by CaptainD
11. A Beauty Review by Carstairs38

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