Christmas in July Write Off 2007

Jul 3, 2007

The Bottom Line Making Christmas memories by collecting items that can be passed on from generation to generation is part of Christmas.

Well, I've always been extremely, extremely fond of Christmas. My first husband ruled the roost (part of why he's gone) and we did not get to participate in Christmas. The moment he was out the door I bought Spode Christmas china, Christmas ornaments, Christmas everything, wreathes, sweaters, dog outfits and a huge fake tree. I went wild. I've only recently slowed down (22 years later). I still find it hard to resist a cute Santa or another wonderful piece of Spode.

I collect Christmas Spode. Christmas Spode is a pattern that appears every Christmas in TJ Maxx as well as in all the major department stores. It's a well known design that shows a dark green Christmas tree with adorable presents under the tree on a cream background. There are numerous serving pieces available, creamers, sugar, pitchers, cake cutters and every year the annual Spode Christmas ornament comes out. They make glass ware as well. I buy several of these to tie to presents. After Christmas you will find many of the Christmas Spode pieces on sale.

Spode makes Christmas oven-to-tableware that allows these pieces to be transferred from the fridge/freezer to the microwave/oven, directly to the table and then cleaned in the dishwasher after use. Aside from being beautiful it's practical. The Christmas Spode is a pattern that has the feeling of memories of the past to it. It dates back to 1938 when the pattern first came out.

I have now started my daughter and daughter in law with their own Spode so they don't have to wait for mine. Hopefully the Spode Christmas Tree will represent memories of family celebrations and the anticipation of Christmas coming for them.

I carve my own Santas, paint Victorian Santas on sleds that I sell in craft shops and have designed Christmas sweaters for well known department stores. The Victorian Santas compliment the Victorian feel of the Christmas Spode.

Christmas in July? Christmas is never far from my mind. Beyond the collecting of Santas and Spode I also keep Christmas in mind all year around. I shop for Christmas all the time. I always have my eyes open for wonderful items that I will by with Christmas in mind and put away to give as gifts. I keep a ledger of what I've purchased and where I've stored it as well as who it's for. This way when Christmas actually gets close I can avoid the store craziness and just enjoy wrapping.

Speaking of wrapping I collect wonderful tissue, ribbons, gift bags and baskets all year long. I have racks of French wired ribbons in the basement (with my Santas). My friends all know that the spectacular presentation is to be opened with care and I'm always very happy to accept the tissue and ribbon back.

On a more giving note I don't just donate my time and volunteering at Christmas I keep the needy families in mind all year and participate in many volunteer organizations year round. So Christmas in July is on my calender but its also there for me in spirit every month.

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