A Titan among lightweights

Mar 12, 2010
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Pros:Powerful, lightweight, effective, efficient, high quality machines...period.

Cons:Brushroll stays on all the time, prone to static buildup.  

The Bottom Line: A powerhouse Hoover that isn't made from chintzy plastics or super load motors.  Quality that is finally on par with Dyson.

What a great machine.  The airflow is very impressive from the moment you turn the unit on.  The motor is rather quiet given the amount of air that is being moved by this particular cleaner.  There are two speeds (Hi and Lo) which allow you to apply just the right amount of power per cleaning task.  I have found that "Lo" works very well on normal carpeting and area rugs, hard floors, etc.  On very plush carpets, I do recommend the "Hi" setting for maximum agitation and airflow.  
The handle is very comfortable, the unit is very easy to maneuver both forwards and backwards and the LED headlights provide a very nice dirt seeking spotlight so there are no dingy corners.  When you plug the unit in, the power switch begins to glow, telling you that its waiting for YOU.  Once powered on, the unit jumps into the "Hi" setting and you can easily adjust the power to "Lo" with a push of a high quality button.  The out casing of the upright portion of the cleaner is cloth and is soft and pliable.  Inside this cloth outer bag is the HEPA filter bag that feels very cloth-like itself.  The bags are very easy to change and even self-seal to prevent puffs of nastiness escaping into the air.  Great news too...this cleaner will tell you when to change the bag via a "change bag" indicator.  Nifty, eh?  
Another nice touch is an acoustic panel that is sewn into the front of the outer cloth bag.  This panel is on the zippered portion of the outer bag and really helps to quell the cleaners noise.  The stair cleaning and carrying handle are located in the perfect positions for easy cleaning of stairs and transport.  Overall, this unit is built very well and has high quality plastics and rubber on the wheels.  The bumper that wraps around the cleaner head is a softer black plastic and if you bump it too hard against your baseboards, it may leave a scuff.  
There are no height adjustments on this cleaner and there really don't need to be any.  The agitator is aggressive and grooms the carpets very well.  One pass is usually all you need to clean a particular spot thoroughly.  I was overly impressed at how well this Hoover cleaned hard floors.  My past experience with uprights that could not shut the brushroll off was one of a scattering mess.  This Hoover just pulls it all in without any scattering.  Be mindful of what you decided to vacuum up, however; because all of the air is drawn through the fan!
The canister unit that came with this Hoover is quite impressive too.  It's very compact and allows you to just throw it over your shoulder and use the telescopic wand and high quality tools to go about your cleaning.  The canister uses HEPA bags that are rather small, however; this unit does generate quite a bit of airflow.  The canister is light and features a nice long cord, just like the upright.  The upright has a 35' cord whereas the canister has a 25' cord, but of which allow for flexibility while cleaning.
I recommend these two units to anyone looking for a great vacuum cleaner and don't want to spend Dyson money.  I will say that in some cases, this Hoover would clean better than my Dyson, especially on deep pile carpeting, but you can't go wrong with either, especially considering the warranties (5yr Dyson and 6yr Hoover).  One HUGE plus is that you can get both the upright and the canister for about half the money of just ONE Dyson.   

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