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Mar 18, 2010
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Pros:It is very comfortable

Cons:Might break easily because of the small size

The Bottom Line: My final recommendation for this product is that they are cheap, have a unique shape, and are very durable.

The Sony MDR-AS30G Consumer Headphones are by far one of the best headphones in my collection.  I have tried on several others but they are nothing compared to Sony's.  They are very comfortable and they have a unique shape.  This is what makes it a desirable object.  Besides the looks, it is very cheap.  I always look for cheap but cool items, and this was one of them.  The sound is clear and it fits with almost any electronic device that has an audio input device.  I use this product to go running.  It fits perfectly into my ears and I never have to worry about damaging it.  This product is very good if you are looking for something that is unique.  The shape makes it look very advanced since there are not that many headphones like that.  I like it because I can just plug it into my portable device and it starts working.  I like to have headphones that can withstand even the worst conditions such as a hot summer.  Most of the headphones that I have used start to break down usually during the summer time, but this headphones are very durable.  Since I like to go running and listen to music, I have noticed that this headphones can withstand my sweat.  For me, having headphones that can withstand sweat is something very incredible.  I cannot imagine how hard it would be to have headphones that break down right after a drop of sweat has touched them.  This headphones will make sure that that does not happen.  Overall, this headphones are unique, cheap, and durable.

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