The Gavel drops on Lowriders... If you can hear it.

Mar 24, 2010 (Updated Mar 24, 2010)
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Pros:Comfort fit and good sound quality within range.

Cons:Bad bass and won't stay on unless your careful.

The Bottom Line: I like them so I can recommend them but you may want to look around for a better set first.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been searching for a pair of good headphones. I bounced around from in ear to in ear all of which were ok but quite hit the spot. I decided to go for some on ear headphones and Skullcandy has some of the best in the business. I went out and bought a pair of Black Skull Candy Lowriders. Immeadiately I entranced by the simple supperiority of these headphones. The sound, the fit, the way it neatly compacted, it was all more than worth the price.

I must admit that I have heard much bette sound qualities from other headphones but I could never afford $70 to $150 headphones anyway so for the money this certainly does the job. It makes a crisp loud sound that you can immeadiately tell they are better quality than most brands. It does get loud and definitely good enough to rock out with, but only once you've turned your Ipod or mp3 up well over half way. With an 18-20k Hz sound system and a 40mm size it definitely makes the cut for average to better quality headphones. However, if your looking for bass lowriders are not the way to go, you can here it but with the better bass headphones you can literally feel it shake you. Also if you turn it up to loud the bass starts become more gargled than vibration like the headphones are struggling to pump out. Needless to say they did not wow me in this category.

To start with Skullcandy did not profess that these headphones would be noise canceling. But so far I have been very impressed with their ability to cancel out other people. I suspect that if you encountered an airplane taking off that would not be the case but I'll take what I can get. They perfectly disperse all outside noise coming from other people around you, you could walk down a busy street and hear nothing but the music. I can not read lips and I have already found myself wishing I could just so I could understand what people say to me while I'm listening and deaf to the world around me. 

Comfort Fit
I am very impressed with the comfort the ear pads provide. Basically an inch thick pillow is placed on your head while you enjoy your favorite music. However, the comfort may be excellent but the fit leaves something to be desired. They have a very loose fit but where they are loose they also slip off. I went on a walk this morning and I decided to test out the stability of the headphones. As I walked I noticed that they felt like they were going to fall off if I started to run faster than a light jog. I found myself worrying about the safety of the headphones which is not something you want to have to think about while your running. Obviously if you are an avid runner in-ear buds would be a much smarter choice. But if you just want to sit and enjoy the music than by all means.

Compact/travel worthy
As I played with the movement of my new headphones I noticed that they fold sideways and bend in to go from in use headphones to perfectly compacted for traveling. This feature would be perfect for the avid traveler. They quickly and simply switch to storage mode for easy put away. And just as quickly come back out for listening and enjoying.

My final Verdict
My final verdict is that these headphones are simply satisfactory. Not for the bass lover like myself and not for the running junkies either. They are all-around simple in every way. I can recommend them becasue they are abover average they don't wow like other Skullcandy headphones do.

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