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Mar 25, 2010
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Pros:Price, functional, small, different settings.

Cons:Colors, bulky, small screen.

The Bottom Line: If you are looking for functional, buy it. If you are looking for style, this may not be for you.

I got a red version of this mp3 for Christmas to replace a stolen one. Right away I liked the size, and how the cover of the package showed people working out. The color I wasn't too happy about though (comes in red and black).
Anyways, I went out and bought an armband with a case so that I can exercise with my mp3. The arm band was a reasonable price compared to buying one for an I pod, I payed about $10 plus tax at Target. Putting the case on the mp3 was simple, and it was a durable little case. The screen was even protected with a clear sheet of plastic, and the rest was pretty cushioned with the case. I was very pleased with that. The arm band was another story. It was good quality and all. But if you get this or any other product with an armband I suggest you get someone to help you put it on! I try to put it on by myself and its a hassle. I didn't like that the arm band only closed to a certain point with the Velcro, because that wasn't tight enough for my arm and it would start to slip off when I exercise. Also, the case was sturdy, but it made the mp3 look a lot more bulky than before. I liked the length, but not the thickness of it. While I was exercising I would also try to change the song, or change the volume, and that was somewhat difficult! I would have to push the arrow button more than once to get it to comprehend the message I was sending. And the volume is covered by the thicker part of the case, so I had trouble trying higher or lower the songs.
While opening the original package that it came in I also noticed that it had a few more things. Some Philips headphones were included, which is a plus. They are a little wide so may not fit everyones ears (they didn't fit me).
Also, a cord to charge and transfer with your mp3 was included in the case. Only bad thing about that was that it was only about 3 inches long. That is great for someone who is using a laptop! But I am not, so the mp3 would have been touching the floor! Luckily, I had an extension cord so that I didn't have do do that. So if you don't have a laptop and you're getting this mp3, make sure to get an extension cord.
A last thing (besides the handbook and installation CD) that came in the package was a Rhapsody Cd. I never used it but it said that you get a free trial with Rhapsody to download music.
Besides music, I used my mp3 for other things. It has video and picture capability. I never used the video, but I have used the picture. The pictures are clear, but the screen is not very big. So you can't really see details in photos. Also, I used the radio setting. Which is cool because you can even program different stations you want. Bad thing about that was that if you were walking around, the signal goes out or gets weak. A final setting that I used was the voice recording. To me, this one was very cool! I used it to remind myself of things to do, say shopping lists, and I even had my boyfriend record in it so I can hear his voice when he was away!
Overall, if you are into functional, and want something that you can work out with or is simple enough for your little ones to use, this one will do it. But if you are looking for something sleek and stylish, this mp3 doesn't really do it. I personally like the longer, slimmer look. This mp3 is more short and bulky.

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