stripped gears in 6 months

Apr 8, 2010
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I thought this was great the first half year I owned it. I used it for lots of pureed soups - 3 quarts at a time. It was wonderful not to have to spoon things into the blender jar, then pour into a temporary holding container, spoon more soup into the blender jar, etc.  All I needed was the Smartstick in the soup pot. It worked great on all kinds of things. Then, after about 6-8 months, the gears stripped. The motor still turns, but the it has no connection with the attachment, so the blades won't turn unless they are in air - even water is too hard, it sits still. I thought it was the attachment, but it is on the motor unit side, the chopping jar won't work either. So I am going to have to replace the whole thing. We also stripped the gears on the Cuisnart bread machine in <2 years, and the Cuisinart blender (counter style) didn't last as long as it should either.

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