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Apr 9, 2010
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Pros:Dual band
It worked

Cons:Not backwards compatible
Requires XP SP3.
Signal not an upgrade

The Bottom Line: Go D-Link. 

I used the Linksys E2000 to replace a Linksys WRT54GS that inexplicibly quit working.  I bought linksys because I THOUGHT it would have the best chance to be compatible with my existing WiFi network being the same brand and all. 

The E2000 does not have external antennas.  This impacts its signal, and not in a good way

The new Linksys 1 button setup is not compatible with the old Linksys 1 button setup. 

To make this Linksys router work on my existing network, I had to: 

Upgrade the host OS to XP SP3
Replace my client computer PCI WiFi adapter
Uninstall the linksys wireless manager from the client

Linksys hear this.  It should be easy.  Set SSID, set band, set channel if desired, setup static IP if desired, set security level if desired, set MAC filter if desired, pick pass code, make it match the router's network security code for each computer on the system. 

I recently setup a D-Link simultaneous dual band network at a different location.  100% trouble free.  Network in 15 minutes, streaming movies and MP3s in 1 hr on that D-Link network. 

I will be going out of my way at every opportunity to bad mouth Linksys.  Never again

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