Honda Generator EN3500

Honda Generator EN3500

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Honda EN3500 Generator

Apr 27, 2010
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Pros:Starts, and Runs every time. Never failes.

Cons:None, I could think of other than it is a bit Loud.

The Bottom Line: If you are considering a Generator, Only consider Honda. When the Power goes out, you will then know why.

I bought one of these years ago.
This was after a big storm had taken trees down and power lines all around us. The area I live in has buried service, but that did little to prevent power lines coming down and help those a few miles around us. We were without power for a week. Fortunatly, I was able to get the Honda. It was my First choice. Many people are more price oriented than quality. The local Honda store had kept their prices the same rather than taking advantage of the situation. I do business with local merchants, rather than shop outside of my area. I had been looking into a purchase, and the storm moved the time table up.
When I purchase a tool or something like this, I want it to last 50 years or more.
The manual says I could expect 3.5 hours run time per tank of gasoline. I use Super Unleaded and get over 4 -6 hours.
The Honda is heavy and takes a bit of manuvering. Not too bad though. Tells me I got what I paid for. Not some Cheap Chinese junk.
Most importantly it starts on the first pull and runs and runs.
So far we have had more than one chance to use it.
Recently, my wife called me at work, Power Out, No electricity she was afraid of the sump pump flooding the basement, and the refirdgerator melting the food she just purchased. I headed home, pulled out the Honda, It started, and I go back to work.
When the power goes out, The power company has lots of work to do to restore power, no word as to when it will come back on, I feel that this was one of my best investments.
As I said when a problem occurs, I wheel it outside, Kill the house power, Plug it in and fire it up.
I was advised years ago to use Super Unleaded gasoline, and I agree it is worth the extra few cents. It will always start, and gives me longer life per tank, Super Unleaded resists varnish better, and I never add a stabilazer. My mechanic friends tell me that the engine will last longer, and in an emergency, starting and long life from limited fuel stores is important.
I bought a Honda, after a lot of research. Many of my neighbors bought generators only to have their engines fail, and the generator fail, I feel that no one builds better small engines than Honda.
I think that this Honda is well worth the money.
I find it to be a bit loud, and am considering making a muffler from a small motorcycle. That should quiet it down. I am surprised that Honda did not think of it. The Honda store is no help in this.
We decided against a built in generator, as there are only a limited number of times you may need one. I have seen built in generators fail in storms also, Batteries go dead, etc.
This is a pull start. Simple. That is what I like.
Set it, Pull and it starts runs.
What more could you ask for?

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Amount Paid (US$): 2000

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