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Ignorance is sometimes bliss?
by Stephen_Murray, Stephen_Murray is an Advisor on Epinions in Movies
Those who had read Cold Mountain seem generally to have been disappointed by the movie ("The book was better" is usually the case for adaptations of good novels.) Not having a preconception of the characters, I could take them as presented. I thought Jude Law was remarkably credible--and very different from how he appeared in Minghella's "The Talented Mr. Ripley."
Oct 4, 2007
9:17 am PDT

With you on Master and Commander, Mystic River....
by NFP
...House of Sand & Fog, but not on Cold Mountain. Lush photography, grat battle scenes, and great roots Americana music? Yes. But Zellweger took the book's wonderfully understated and crucial role of earth-mother Ruby over the top to beyond the point of caricature, Kidman just was not convincing to me at all as the vapid society ingenue forced into finding inner strength (but ever-so stylishly dressed to the nines, oh yes!), and our square-jawed hero was just too drop-dead handsome, to my taste, to be the love-struck grunt he was supposed to be. Yes, I know, the director is famous for lush romance...witness The English Patient..but I just felt like it was too much Hollywood and not enough of Frazier's timeless gritty Homeric tale.

Whatever. Nice post. nick
Oct 3, 2007
4:30 pm PDT

Re: Of
by Stephen_Murray, Stephen_Murray is an Advisor on Epinions in Movies
Yup: it was a smaller-scale project but chewed all it bit off (as it were). And there is, indeed, something noirish about it, and not just the fog.
Sep 26, 2007
9:36 am PDT

by George_Chabot, George_Chabot is an Advisor on Epinions in Movies
the ones you discussed in your preface, I thought the "House of Sand and Fog" much the best. Mystic River was good, too, but HS&F really had a strong atmosphere which, even if the denouement sucked, was true to its story arc. Kind of a modern noir. ;>
Sep 26, 2007
7:25 am PDT

Re: Thanks
by Stephen_Murray, Stephen_Murray is an Advisor on Epinions in Movies
Since English is the fourth language (chronologically) of my partner, he appreciates subtitles for many accents. I NEEDED them for DPT, and found them useful last night for "The Good Shepherd."

I read better than I hear and am grateful for subtitles. And impatient with those who complain about them.
Sep 24, 2007
9:01 am PDT

The long and the short of it
by Stephen_Murray, Stephen_Murray is an Advisor on Epinions in Movies
I've seen none of the shorts and my list already spilled over into two epinions with this one fairly lengthy, but the plug for the nominated shorts is still welcome!
Sep 24, 2007
8:56 am PDT

Re: The Snow Walker!
by Stephen_Murray, Stephen_Murray is an Advisor on Epinions in Movies
I'm not known for liking "cute." I thought "Triplets" was dull, but will try to see "Snow Walker." Thanks for the impetus.
Sep 24, 2007
8:54 am PDT

Re: Piling on
by asafono

since you included animovies (e.g. Nemo) in your list, I thought I'd recommend the 2003 Academy Short Film Awards. The first place winner, The Chubb-Chubbs, is a hilarious parody of movies by Spielberg and others. Other (international - German, Danish, Japanese, and Polish) entries are also superb.
Sep 24, 2007
8:39 am PDT

by ifif1938
once again for giving me a few names to put in my queue....funny you mentioned the subtitles for better understanding Dirty Pretty things...I find now that for most movies from England I put the subtitles on...sometimes even a few American made films..I don't know if it's my hearing or what but there are so many new films that have such irratic sound it drives me crazy...

anyway, thanks again
Sep 24, 2007
8:11 am PDT

The Snow Walker!
by jankp
Couldn't remember the name. You gotta see it. Just excellent and should've reviewed it. I liked The Station Agent for its slowness, seemed European and old-fashioned to me. I thought The Triplets of Belleville cute.

Sep 24, 2007
12:23 am PDT

Piling on
by Stephen_Murray, Stephen_Murray is an Advisor on Epinions in Movies
(1) I thought I'd get my first outrage over "Seabiscuit" or "Lord of the Rings" (both of which I think are better than "Lost in Translation"),

(2) You made me realize that I hadn't linked my review to "Lost," which I've now done,

(3) I also dissed your man Hou (Millennium Mambo,

(4) I thought that Sophia Coppola was spectacularly undeserving of an Oscar for her anemic screenplay,

and (5) "Last Life in the Universe" does far better what Ms. Coppola (and my namesake who is also my age) did "Lost in Translation." It also has a plot and better visual compositions.

Sep 23, 2007
7:19 pm PDT

Hi... I'm thevoid99...
by thevoid99
If you hate Lost in Translation... then f**k you!

I'm just kidding man but you dissed the best movie ever!!!

That makes void sad... :(

Sep 23, 2007
5:44 pm PDT