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May 7, 2010
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Pros:Looks, picture quality, response time and brightness. Good gaming monitor.

Cons:Maximum resolution is only 1920x1080. Pretty low for a 27" screen.

The Bottom Line: Great monitor for the big gamer and every day user. Not perfect but adequate, and should meet 95% of everyone's expectations.


     My older 24" LG monitor had just burned out and being a computer addict I couldn’t go for a day without it. I wasn’t prepared to buy a new monitor and the thought of hours of online research to find the perfect replacement didn’t look fun, but I had no choice and I started to explore my options.
     I play a lot of video games… a shameful amount of time… so I wanted to make sure I had a monitor with a fast video response, great contrast, and a lot of real-estate at a good price.
     After looking a several monitors online I decided to go to the store and look at them in person. On my way I passed Cost-Co and remembered a tidbit about them having a good deal on a 27” screen though I didn’t find any reviews of it but I thought I’d stop by and give it a look.  I liked the price, that’s for sure, but was a low price going to give me low quality? I made a spontaneous decision to buy it right there and take it home to try it out. If I didn’t like it I could always take it back.
     Six months later I sit here writing a review on the very same monitor. 

*This monitor has a 27” screen, a superb size for seeing a lot of desktop or game environment, or whatever it is your doing. Inch for inch, it is also somewhat inexpensive.

*70,0000:1 Dynamic Contrast. This is a 20,000 point improvement on it’s last model, the SyncMaster P2770HD, not to be confused with this one (P2770H).  You can fine tune this to look spectacular! Very strong point for this screen.

*Brightness! This monitor’s brightness levels, in coordination with it’s contrast gamma and black levels is as much as I can ask for. I had to adjust down the brightness significantly from default levels.  You an almost put this screen on your car’s hood and use it like a big headlight for night driving it gets so bright. You have to wear sunglasses when using it it’s so bright. Sarcasm aside, it will meet every expectation for displaying your eye candy, whatever it may be.

*Response Time. This is a gamers’ LCD dream. 2 milliseconds is fantastic. There is no shadowing with this monitor as so many others suffer. Blurring is not noticeable and it keeps up with my high end graphics card beautifully. It is made with the newest generation of TN panels so it’s viewing angles are not as bad as other TN panel monitors, but not perfect.

*Looks. This monitor is black (Rose Black) with a clear coating of plastic all around it. It’s shiny and modern looking. I would like to see the border made thinner but it’s still pretty good looking.

*Soft Touch power and adjustment buttons. Star Trek coolness factor. Nuff said.

*Fully functioning Magic Tune Premium software. If you don’t have the ability to fine tune display settings, this software comes with the monitor to help you out.

*16:9 aspect at full 1080P resolution. Ideal for HD media and playing wide screen games.

*Samsung. Big name, huge monitor manufacturing experience, good reputation. Samsung is also known for good customer support.

*No RGB inputs. This monitor has HDMI and DVI in’s but no RGB if that’s what you want to use. Not a big deal, especially if you have and HDMI video card, but may be restrictive to some setups.

*No onboard USB hub. I would have liked to have a powered USB hub like all of my past monitors for convenience. This probably helps the price though.

*Stand. This stand on this monitor looks really nice; it’s thin, shiny, clear and modern looking. Problem is it’s unstable as heck. This monitor wobbles to and fro, back and forth like it’s about to fall on it’s face whenever any movement occurs around it. If you shake the floor while walking it rocks, if you touch it, it wobbles, if you tap your feet, it flails back and forth. It’s like the stand is made of a spring rather than hard plastic. The monitor is not very steady.

*Soft Touch power and adjustment buttons. Cool as heck, but if you have dry fingers, they won’t know your touching them and their response and precision can be iffy.

*Menu. Adjusting the menu is just not very user friendly, especially using the soft touch buttons. It’s kind of confusing and takes a long time to adjust what you want to adjust. Thankfully, this can all be done through the included Magic Tune software.

*Maximum resolution is only 1920x1080. This is not very good for a 27” screen. My smaller 24” screen exceeded this. I would really like this screen to support a 2560x1600 resolution so I can push my graphics card to the max while getting the best possible picture. This was almost a deal breaker for me.

For the money, I think this is a great looking screen. It fills my size/cost ratio perfectly and offers pretty much everything I ‘need’.  Great screen for gaming especially.

Here are some specs from Samsung:

Samsung P2770H main parameters panel type TNBacklight CCFL Backlight typeScreen Size 27 inchesLCD color 16.7MScreen ratio 16:9Resolution 1920 × 1080Pixel Pitch 0.311mmBrightness 300nitsGray Response Time 2msContrast 1000:1 (Dynamic: 70000:1) Viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) 170/160 °Samsung P2770H function parameters HDCP support HDCPExternal transformerPower Consumption 55W, Standby <1.2WSafety Certification UL, NEMCO, TUVSamsung P2770H input and output interface type DVI, HDMI, audio output, optical audio output portSamsung P2770H black exterior paint color parameters of the appearanceWidth 667mmHeight 422mmThickness 63mmWeight 5.8Kg

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