Samsung debuts 3D TV at home

May 12, 2010
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Pros:Pros: Great picture and sound quality, 3D TV, slim

Cons:Cons: Expensive, lack of 3D media, expensive 3D glasses not included

The Bottom Line:

Samsung delivers on 3D TV. If you can afford the high cost, then buy it, if not wait until the price drops and 3D media becomes widely available and mainstream.

Ever since the film "Avatar" came out in theaters, people have been clamoring for 3d in their lives. The problem has been solved by Samsung’s new Energy Star certified UN55C7000 television set, which has the capability of giving you 3D imagery in your very own home. The television itself is as thin as it gets, measuring in at only an inch deep without its included table stand. If you’re a numbers man the dimensions measure 30 inches tall (without the stand) by 50.5 inches wide, and weighs in at just under 50 pounds. The slimness is due in part to its use of LED backlighting over florescent bulbs. This is the same technology featured in other, older TVs, though the backlighting is done well and doesn’t hurt the picture quality. The picture quality is what you would expect from a high-end TV: sharp colors, deep blacks, and crystal clarity. Sports, the news, and movies all look great on this TV. If your main concern about purchasing this TV is the picture quality, then buy it, it won’t let you or your money down. Though if money is your chief concern, it retails for 3,399,000, so while the bundle is still pretty pricey at 3,698,000, the Blu-Ray player is practically a throw-in. As far as the actual 3D experience goes, it’s amazing. The figures almost come into your living room; think “Avatar,” but from 5-10 feet away. Imagine watching the Super Bowl as the ball literally flies into your living room, or watching your favorite baseball player hit a walk-off straight into your couch. If you can afford both the cost, and the time it will take for 3D television to develop, this TV is well worth it. My one issue with the TV and with Samsung in general is its failure to include any amount of 3D glasses with purchase of the TV. The 3D glasses that are required cost around 149$. This makes the cost of actually using the 3D feature a legitimate issue facing the progression of 3D technology. You couldn’t use the 3D technology if the amount of viewers exceeds the amount of glasses (Ex: if friends or relatives are over), as 3D picture quality without the glasses comes out grainy and blurry.

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