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Oct 23, 2007

The Bottom Line I'm getting rather old


"She’s Madonna (Part I), however, bounces back with a vengeance, restoring his place amidst the highest echelon of world’s entertainment.

A poignant video with travesties and WILLIAMS himself on drag open gates for another display of roughish Briton sensibility from the former TAKE THAT (a favorite for gay audiences all over the isles). To detached Technopop beats WILLIAMS once again refer to Popstars of the age. No vocoder this time. Saying his girl will but put aside because he simply found MADONNA by his side is not a retro 1980s reference – MADONNA is still a Pop institution of sexiness. The fact she’s currently an honorary British citizen does no harm to his gamble. British audiences, though, reacted with restraint, the single barely got to Top 20 whereas it was an European pole position. Updating 1980s Popfest through detached, ironic, and still sincere, 2007 TechnoPop crooning is a noticeable feat those days of reverence and carpet-bagging.

WILLIAMS has plenty of space for his public displays of tattoos and taste for white tuxedos; his vocal opaqueness is impeccably straightforward, backed by restrained, resolute echoey beats. His message is amplified to reach the hearts and minds of girls and women all over the world whereas the posture convinced boys and men that he deserves some respect. To cultists’ delight, the vintage 1981 Electro beats. For those interested in Pop cultism, PET SHOP BOYS provide the vintage beats here - almost as good as their own Minimal single from 2006.

The ability to remain significant to current audiences employing past references is a display of Modern efficacy."

Come Alive by FOO FIGHTERS

"Come Alive is unbelievable. It doesn't sound a bit like old FOO FIGHTERS. I thought it was BON JOVI during the initial minute. Much better, much warmful and human, then In Your Honor's acoustic mannerisms. The guitars courtesy of Smear and KING coalesce around one of the most touching Grohl performances ever. Definitely a companion for SCREAMING TREES despondent epics of their 1996 Dust. The morose, groovy, moving solo is a finding. Acute strings by Audrey Riley confer a definitely ZEPPELIN-ian mood. One of the very best FOO FIGHTERS tracks ever, an instant classic. A great tribute to the Grunge scene that arguably is an addition to this canon."

Can't Tell Me Nothing by KANYE WEST

"Cant't Tell Me Nothing (sic), on the other hand, the humble B-side, with a haunting sample reminiscent of COOLIO and weighty religious/gangsta lyrics, it's a finding. It delivers the goods, be technique, unpredictable sampling, calculated arrogance or smoky ambience. So many rappers nowadays would die for a similar number ornating their latest releases. It's just a KANYE WEST B-side and you know, the man belongs there with old school. Psychedelic in a debased way."


"Neverlost is a surprisingly honest, clear-cut song reminiscent of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS' latter-day work. Liquefied guitars and confessional tone bring it closer to Adore. Corgan's voice rambles with fragility thru and thru. It is a kind of decent lullaballad and criminally underrated when it comes to singles. Why did the recording company choose That's The Way (My Love Is)? It is by far the most accomplished song here, discounting the gigantic jams of United States of course. It's not arrogant and even moving at times (it feels like their friends NEW ORDER). No problem! You don't have to be Liam Gallagher all the times..."

Natiruts Reggae Power by NATIRUTS

"A Brazilian Pop-Reggae band finally hitting the stride after years of morose dead-ringing, with I-THREES-like backing vocals and confident, loose vocals from singer Alexandre. Simple and endearing, recorded live. It has become a megahit but it's qualities don't diminish with time.

Second Sight by KULA SHAKER

"The cream of British revivalism bounces back with Technicolor psychedelia 10 years after the demise of Britpop. It uncannily recalls YES' prime. Do you wanna see the man behind the moon?"

Far Cry by RUSH

"The forefathers of Nerd Hard Rock are back with a vengeance after a bare-bones cover record. Neil Pert's drumming is more straightforward and subtle, Geddy Lee's whine is more aggressive and Alex Lifeson is once again aping and subverting Jimmy Page"

Big Girls Don't Cry by FERGIE

"We always knew this big girl would someday cry a river and it would sound pretty cool. After her stellar cameos in otherwise dull BLACK EYED PEAS singles, a star on her own"

Make Me Better by FABOLOUS & NE-YO

"With the help of a noticeable sidekick, honey-voiced NE-YO (our new MICHAEL JACKSON) FABOLOUS unveiled a fine single for Billboard Hot 100 which is Make Me Better, currently #8.

TIMBALAND, always a better producer than a rapper himself, conjures a slow mood with epic, tortured string beats reminiscent of COOLIO 10 yeas and something ago. Indeed they belong to Egyptian songtress SHERINE (Al Sa'ban Aleh) which brings to mind an odd similarity with another JAY Z protegee, his fiancee BEYONCE and her last single Beautiful Liar with belly dancing by SHAKIRA. Anyway this is an ideal set for FABOLOUS menace, which never threats his commercial appeal. It's harsh buy you can cope with it - as much as ghetto life itself. And it's glamorous as ghetto was meant to be past the Gangsta revolution. Rhymes may not be Shakespeare or even RAKIM but the effect is genuine. NE-YO brings his jewelry of timbres to the backs. He sounds arguably fascinating in such a humble role, which confirms
his natural born talent."


"After aping TOM PETTY and unleashing a string of boring singles the Peppers unleash their funkiest and best single since By The Way. Anthony Kiedis really sounds funky, man. The dynamic video may sound deja-vu but I'd rather be with a watershed version of the 1980s than with the dilluted Pop-Funk of their 2000s"

Bonus tracks:

Keep Hands Off My Girl by GOOD CHARLOTTE

"As a more proficient version of LINKIN PARK, GOOD CHARLOTTE delivers the goods FILTER and other sub-NINE INCH NAIL outfits did 10 years ago. Processed low-tuned guitars, detached vocals, teen tough posture, slightly Gothic ambiences.

Their singer Joel escaped from his vocal cul-de-sac and became an odd Techno ROB THOMAS. His twin brother Benji learned some crunching distortion with a little help from his pedals. The remainder don't waste their time and play for the arrangements. Coincidentally, LINKIN PARK's produced David Gilmore commands the proceedings.

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl was no hit, but it became something akin to a cult favorite. It showed an Emo band could deliver some Techno goods or at least that LINKIN PARK is easy to emulate and surpass."

Hey There Delilah by PLAIN WHITE TS

"Hey There Delilah is a meditative ponderance on love gone wrong and maybe not wrong at all. It's lilting, the singer is earnest and the band plays Folk-Rock with ease. The song was released back in 2005 I never heard the original version. This acoustic re-release is the best song by an Emo band I could ever dream of. It's like THE FRAY. The song deserved to be a Billboard Top 4 hit."

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