Euro-pro Shark Steam Mop

Jun 2, 2010
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Pros:I love how the Shark steam mop removes scum and dirt.

Cons:It does release alot of steam..Worried it might be too much for hardwoods every week.

The Bottom Line: I love this product..Lightweight and easy to use.

    I just purchases a Shark Steam Mop.  I actually clean a few houses so I really get the money out of this steam mop.  I do find out that the steam mop works better on Tile and linoleum flooring.
    I do use it on my hardwood but it does seem to give out alot of steam.  Just worried about the hardwood bucking if used every week.
    I do use about once a month on my hardwoods and it does remove alot of dirt..I also use it on laminate flooring in one of the houses I clean floor.  It works well on it too.
    Over all this is a great tool if you have build up on your floors. 
     I do use a spray bottle od vinegar and water if the stains are really bad in the houses I clean.
    I do fing that it is really good on the bathroom floors.  Especially if there is hairspray buildup.  It fits nicely around the toilets too.  You can get right next to the toilet without touching it.
   Also they come with two fiber pads.  And be sure to change the pads from room to room.  The hairspray buildup well smudge the other rooms if you don't change the pads often enough.
     Just throw the pads in the washing machine.  I do spray mine with a spray blech to remove any stains.
    This is a great product is so light weight.  I  love how you dont have to carry a bucket around to mop. If you have back problems or ache and pains--don't worry because it is very very light weight and you can handle easily.  The steam comes out reallt fast and you just fill the container on the mop. 
     I do wish the container was bigger on the mop because you do have to fill it usually after each room..Depending on the size of the room.  I also just purchases a Shark vacuum..This is also a great product that is on the market too.

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